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2 week old kitten purring!

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My little rescued baby, Missy, who is only 2 weeks old, purrs when I cuddle her! I didn't know they could purr at such a young age! She only does it when I lie on my bed and let her snuggle up in the crook of my neck. Sooo cute :rainbow: Anyone else with an experience like this?
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I have never experienced that but it must be so adorable to hear a purr from such a young baby.
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The last time I had a cat who had kittens, of course the first thing is that they mew from birth on and they are loud enough to wake me up! But then all our cats gave birth under the bed, go figure . . .

Anyway, they seemed to begin purring within a few days, when they were nursing anyway, and that was surprisingly loud too! After the initial health check, I personally didn't pick them up until they were starting to get around on their own, so I haven't held one that young.

I think I read something that purring is about a cat needing or wanting attention of some kind - which would explain why sometimes injured cats purr. So kittens purr when they want mama's attention, and later they associate it with contentment so they purr when we pet them. I guess our hands feel a lot like mama's tongue! They also seem to do it to soothe themselves, assuming they aren't in a situation where they have to fight.
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Melissa....yes I know what you mean!
When I had my two tiny babies, who were abondoned, at only a week old, they were purring while I fed them with the bottle!!! It is such a sweet sound!
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OOooo that must be the cutest thing to hear!! Ohhh sigh.... Im just dying to have a new kitten....I love the smallness and fluffiness and cuteness and wobblyness of them....oooooooo I want one!!!
Got any pictures?? (Im hoping my hubby will find them as irresistable as I do!! hee hee - its worked so far - we have five ....hee hee)

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Champange has already gone to a good home, but here is a kitty picture from my last rescued litter
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Ooooo that is toooooo cute!! Don't you just want to sqeeze that cute fluffly little body!! awwwww!! Oh dear - you realise you just made me even worse now don't you? My husband is already going crazy with the constant bombardment of me begging for another kitty!! :laughing:

I'll have to show him this picture and see if that will work!! (Fingers crossed...)

Thanks Hissy!
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Heh heh - I think you just love posting pics of CUTE KITTIES!!!! you're BUSTED Hissy!! :laughing: But hey - Im not complaining, keep 'em coming!! Every little helps!!

By the way - do you have any available that could just happen to "stray" all the way to England? - (I'll send a map to my back garden - my hubby wouldn't be able to resist one if it just turned up "out of the blue" heh heh, with a little help from me....:LOL: )

Id say "No, its nothing to do with me dear.." (and give "the look" of pure innosence) :angel2:
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