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How many cats does everyone own?

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Very strange question, I know! My husband and I have 5 cats presently, and I would like to get a 6th in the new year, and my husband thinks we have more cats that anyone! I have 2 tabby females, one Maine Coon mix male, and a male and female British Shorthair kittens who are 14 weeks old. I want to get another British Shorthair kitten next year, then that will be it for me!
I told him a lot of people have 5-6 cats, sometimes more! I don't think he believes me

Anyway, how many cats do you all have in your household?
I want to show him that a lot of people have multiple cat households.

Thoughts and prayers are with attack victims and their families and friends.

Best Wishes
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Well, you aren't the only multiple cat household by far! I don't have as many cats as a lot of the people on here, but I do have more than one. I'm owned by 3 adorable kitties presently. I have a big black kitty named Onyx, hes about 2 years old. I have a 4 month old Orange tabby boy named Loco, and my most recent addition came to me on Saturday. My neighbor found four abandoned two week old kittens and I took one of them, a little grey tabby named Missy. What are your kitties names?
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Hi Christine - Welcome to the site!! I have five cats too! (It would've been 7 but 2 are 's now....snif...) At the moment I have a brother and sister pair of tabby's(kind of...Im not too sure what they are!! hee hee) 1 black domestic shorthair, 1 Black Cornish Rex, and 1 Chocolate tortie point Birman.... I am trying very hard to convince hubby that we need more!! (he says I can have more when we move house - but thats not going to be for ages yet!!) I would love a Munchkin, (but there are no breeders in the UK) and a Scottish Fold, and Turkish Van, and a Somali, and a Snowshoe, and a Singapura, and a Balinese, and a Javanese, and a Tonkinese (sp?!), and a chocolate persian, and a Ocicat, and a Bengal, and a British Cream, and a ......
(the list goes on.......:laughing: )

I think your hubby will be surprised by the number of cats some of our members have!! I know some of them have between 12 and 20 odd most of the time!! (too many is never enough!!)

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I have 3 of my own plus 3 foster cats. Finding a place to sit is getting really hard for my husband and I, the cats have all the good spots.:tounge2:
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We have 5 cats: Fluffy (3 1/2), Cinnamon (4), Tigger (1), Gizmo (8 months), & Scooter (4 months today)
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I only have one but he's spoiled rotten. I can't have more because my flat is too tiny. I'd love to have at least six though!
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We have 7 cats. We did have only 2 until a couple months ago. Spooky and Speckals are 6 year old brother and sister. We have since aquired a mother cat and her 3 kittens, which were apparently dropped near our home and are still outside, and a couple weeks ago a 6 month old kitty we named Misty, which was also dropped, has become part of our family. We are hoping to bring the 4 that are still outside in soon.
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We have 3 right now, but had 4 for more than a year while fostering a cat for a friend who was pursuing her education elsewhere. It can be a bit daunting at times, but waking up to a bed full of snuggly cats is a blessing unknown elsewhere, especially on a chilly morning.

Good luck in convincing your husband.

PS. How big is your male Maine Coon? When I lived with my parents we had a female MCC and she grew to be quite large, about 20 lbs and not overweight. I have heard the males get even larger. Did you also know that MCC's are well tolerated by people with cat allergies? This is why we had this particular cat, since my brother is deathly allergic to regular cats. Blue slept on his bed for years, and he had no allergy problems. The chemical in the saliva (and therefore dander) that people are allergic to is found in MCC's at a level about 0.1% of what a normal cat has.
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We have 2 cats right now, 4 year old Blackie and 4 month old Sparky. Blackie was born under my bed, and Sparky was brought home by hubby, who found a group of kids with a box of kittens in a park near his work. We both wish he could have brought them all home!

We have had as many as 7, but I get overwhelmed with them all! An aunt and uncle of mine had 5 cats for many years, though as the cats died of old age they did not replace them. Now that my cousins are all grown, aunt & uncle like to travel so they don't have any pets.
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I have 10 inside/outside cats and 10 ferals and 2 lets see that's 22? Subject to change at any moment I am sure....
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My oldest cat, a 3 year old tabby female is named Sydney. I have a 2 year old tabby female named Tabitha (adopted her when she was stray and no one claimed her, she was only a kitten). My part Maine Coon male is named Toby,and is 2 years old. He is cream colored, and extremely friendly and good natured. The history behind him is his grandfather was a Maine Coon, and although he looks like a Maine Coon (and behaves like one) he is part ordinary cat. He only weighs about 12 pounds, so he is small I think for a Maine Coon. He makes that distinctive Maine Coon chirp all the time!
My British Shorthair kittens are 14 weeks old, one is a male blue colorpoint (lovely blue eyes) named Ben, and I have a blue-cream female named Holly. Only just got them a week ago!
I want to get a blue male British Shorthair after the new year. I plan on going away for the holidays to see my family in America (I live in the UK), and because BS are reserved very soon after they're born, by the time it will be ready if I reserve one now will be too small for me to go away at the end of the year. I could reserve one now from the same breeder I got my two from, but they'll be ready by the end of November, and he'll be too small for me to go away and leave him. The ones I have now will be 6 months old by then. So I will reserve one that is ready after the new year. I do have arrangements with my husband's parents and my neighbour to come in and feed them, clean their box and give fresh water twice a day, but I feel a kitten shouldn't probably be left like that.
My husband will be fine with it really, he just thinks we have a zoo.
The only other pets I have is a hamster and 2 aquariums, but one of my aquariums is massive, 110 gallons, and the other one is 30g, so I guess I do have a lot of fish too!

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We have five indoor cats. All were either feral or stray when we adopted them. Khadija (10 y.o.)was a barn cat, Callie (9 or 10 years) was feral, Ollie and Maggie (8) were Callie's babies, Chester (7 or 8 years) was a stray we adopted about a year ago...we found him starving to death with a broken leg, broken k-9 tooth, no fur.....

We also have two outdoor who we are pretty sure has another home because she is very healthy; she just likes to hang out at our place. And a very wild feral boy who lives in our yard but won't let us come anywhere near him. We plan to trap him and have him neutered next week (wish us luck!).
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We have one adult cat right now and her 5 kittens. Of those five kitties, two are going to new homes in the near future and possibly one other as well. So in the end, it looks like we will have 3 cats left here with us in total.
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Welcome, OwnedByCats! We have 7 cats...all poor homeless kitties, once, but now spoiled rotten. K.C. is our oldest. He is oraange and white and is about 9 years old. AThen there is Katie, a brown long haired 7 year old. Next I BAear who is almost all blace with a tiny bit of white. He is 3. 2 Year old Fritz is orange. 1 year old Smudge is gray and white long-haired. 1 year old Ferris is gray and white mackeral, and 5 month old Rocky is gray and white.
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7 kitties presently own me and my family along with a feral mom who visits outside to eat!
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Christine!!! Welcome to the site!! I had 13 cats, and 3 babies, the babies were going to my brother as soon as they were old enough, but now that I have recently lost one of my cats, Ash, I am keeping the kitten that looks just like her, which I have named sabrina, (it is her 1/2 sister) so now I still have 13 cats!
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I have only four.
Twig, Rocket, Isis, and Luna.
They are all (or really close to) 2 years old.
Twig is a grey tabby who weighs 15 1/2 pounds( he was really tiny when we got him hence the name)
Rocket is an abyssinian who weighs 10 pounds(ok I know he's chubby! LOL!)
Isis is a tortie who went from the streets to a safe and spoiling home(ours of course) she went from 6 pounds to 10 1/2 pounds!
Luna is an all gray cat with a touch of white on her belly(looks like a small moon) She was also a street cat who is now a spoiled baby too, she weighs around 8 pounds(I think) She is the only one who hasn't been to the vets for her booster shots because she isn't due until Dec. and then we will know the truth!
Yes they are ALL spoiled and WELL fed! but the vet says that none of them are overweight(YET!) so we aren't looking into diet cat food JUST yet! LOL!
:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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We have only two and a semi-feral that lives in our porch (well fed and neutered ) We also have a dog.

I'd love to have more cats but our house is really small and we can't really afford another pet right now. We spend a lot of money on the best food and care for all four of them and we've really reached out financial limit there.
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We have a total of 9 cats - 6 that own us and three fosters who are trying to own us! Any one want to adopt? 2 have to go together - brothers that have never been apart - just over a year old - one is all black med. length hair and just goes limp when you pick him up -- the other is a big black and white boy who hugs you when you pick him up. They love each other and haven't met a human that they didn't love at first sight. Make great teddy bears!

The other "foster" is a female who is white on her bottom half and brown and black tabby all along her spine - beautyful face. Lovey on her own terms - we are her 3rd home atleast (she's 2) and I think she's just had her heart broken too many times. She's got an attitude but has really started to warm up this last month. Doesn't maul you like the two boys...

Any one interested? Problem is with fosters - they get into your heart and you don't want to give them up to just anyone (esp. the all black one - have to be very careful) - but everyone here has been so wonderfull...

sorry off topic!

Heather V. Havel
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Foster Care.....what is that??? The three that came to me as "foster" ended up staying 'cause it breaks my heart too much to give them to someone else!
gotta love the baby!
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I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and 2 kids, which is really quite enough. However I have ALWAYS wanted a Devon Rex. I know my hubby would protest, kicking and screaming all the way, if the right Devon Rex should become available, he'd know his carry on would all be for show, because I WILL have my Devon Rex one day.

(In dreamland though, I want a Maine Coon, and a Japanese Bobtail, and a Munchkin, and a chocolate coloured oriental.)
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Heck - I want every cat that showes up on our property! But my husband says I can't save them all - and feeding them, sterilizing them, and providing shelter outside is all we can do.

Heather V. Havel
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right now I have 2 indoor kitties...2 persians....and I feed about 8 feral cats outside my building!
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