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Boys against girls...which do you prefer? Pics please - Page 2

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If you choose me

I am just teasing, I don't know how Dori would handle it. She really has the hots for Blondiecat's kitty Oscar
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Ummmmmmmmmm, Squirt, Purrfect.........do I get a say in this???
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Originally Posted by squirtle
I don't think that can be arranged. I guess we can handle this in court I don't know what they will decide

Maybe we need to talk it over with some

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I think I'm going to have to hide my tiggy..........
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Spotz, I totally agree with you.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Codygirl and wouldn't trade her for the world...but I do miss my boy cat Tigger. He was a lot more affecionate and loving all the time. Cody has her moods, as did my other girl cat.

I actually thought Cody was a boy when I first got her...she was the only one I could catch so it must have been fate!

Originally Posted by Spotz
Gender doesn't particularly matter, but presented with a choice, all other qualities being equal...I would probably opt for the boy over the girl.

Males tend to be a little more playful, a little easier to manipulate and less independant.

Females tend to be selectively playful, much more aware of their surroundings, and much more independant.

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We've had both, and never chose our own kitten or cat, but were chosen ourselves. If I absolutely had to choose, and couldn't have both, I'd probably opt for a male, because I find them a bit more "devoted", i.e., more dependent and involved than females. Of course, I'm only going by my own experience.
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I would also choose a boy BUT if a girl would choose me I'd love her just the same.
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If given the choice, I'd take the male. I've found that they are more affectionate. Not to mention, it's cheaper at my Vets to fix a boy cat then a girl. Besides I don't ever have to worry about them getting pregnant if somehow they get out before I can get them fixed.

All that being said, if a little girl kitty chose me I wouldn't turn her down.
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I CRAVE the extra cuddly lavish affection that the boy kitties I have had have always given me. The girl kitty that I had (now with my folks) is very aloof and doesn't like much more than a passing stroke across the head, then she turns to devil kitty and smacks your hand with her paw telling you to stop with a soft "aah".

My boys like to be carried around and kissed and cuddled with constant loud purr motors going...so, being the needy mommy that I am, I would choose a boy kitten.

(I would get a girl dog though...but boy kitten) However...as much as I love dogs...I could see myself having 5 cats, before I have another dog--it is too urban for a puppy. (I will visit my parents dogs instead) I am just a diehard cat person

Nothing like a pile of kitties sleeping on the bed with you.
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I would probably go with a male also.From my experience males are usually more loving and easy going.I have had some females in the past that were loving,but more males that have.
Right now of all my kitties,my males will let me cuddle them way more than any of the females.
That is not to say that I wouldn't take in a female though.I still love my girls even though they are not cuddlers.

Now with dogs(which I don't have any)I would choose a female.I just like female dogs personality better.Plus,it really grosses me out for a male dog to Uh "leak" stuff out of his .....well ya know.Ewwwwwwwww.
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Wow I have noticed that a majority of the people here say that boys are more affectionate than girls.... is that saying something about us women???
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Well Squirt, Tiggy is my most loving......but he's also my most orneriest! My girls I love to bits, but they only want loving when it's THEIR idea. HAHA
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I would have to say the same about Dori. I wake up in the morning, and plan my whole day around her schedule Ok, well maybe not exactly that but something similar
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Paige refuses love, but Molly craves it, but on her terms .. which are steep.
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I prefer male kitties but because of our hobby we have more female kitties!

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