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Eating the newspaper

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Ruth has always played with the newspaper by tearing off little pieces. Lately she has been tearing off bigger pieces of any available paper and even tries to eat some of it. Is this normal for kitties? She is healthy and happy in all ways.
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Hi, I've got a furry paper shredder myself. He usually just shreds it and doesn't eat it. The times when he has eaten it he has thrown it back up, so I don't think it's such a good thing.

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Cats usually eat paper because it's fun to them. I would do what you can to keep the paper away from her. It can cause a serious choking hazard as well as an intestinal blockage.
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That's funny, mine does that too. He makes this low moew sound, like he's in the jungle or something and then tears paper. He doesn't seem to eat it though.
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My cat never bothers tearing up worthless paper like newspapers. He goes for tax forms, glossy magazines and anything I bring home from work. When coworkers look at the strange pinholes in the papers I just tell them the sheets had been stapled together a few dozen times.
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Shredder lived up to his name, he would shred anything paper he could find. We had to hide it all from him especially our bills!
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