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For those that remember me . . .

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Right. All this talk of babies, children and the catalyst; Debby posting pics of the beautiful Amber, have led me to (hopefully as I'm to too conversant with all this) post some pics of my 3 kitties and Dominik my baby - from birth to about April time this year ( he was born Aug 03).

The 3 cats are Fifi - lilac cream persian; Balie - blue persian and my special baby and Ferdy black DSH ex-stray with FIV who I love to bits.

Hope you enjoy them all!!!!
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It says password protected, I have to log in...
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I can't get in to see, it is asking for your password I believe...
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Hi Yola! Nice to see you again!

As for the link....the others are right. It won't let us look at them. If you copy down the code with IMG at the beginning (I think it's the bottom of the 3 codes they give you), it should link each photo. Hope that helps you & it's great to see you again. Can't wait to see the babes!
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Oh no!! Yola, I really want to see pics of Dominik and the kitties!!!

Photobucket makes it really easy to remote link pics here. On the page with all of the thumbnails, below each pic are 3 sets of "code" double click on the third one, the one with the [IMG] tags. Just copy and paste those into a post here and wha-la! Pictures posted!
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Will do . . . there's loadsa pics so I will select the best few and post . . . bear with me
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Me preggie . . .

Dominik just born . . .

Domi pretending to be in 'Oliver' . . .

Dominik's first go on a swing . . .

Pink-faced and teething . . .

A summer garden pic . . .

In the bath - he'll kill me
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Hi Yola, it's good to have you here with us and I'm really looking forward to seeing the pics!
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And a few Cats for good measure . . .

Posing princess Fifi

Balie in the background and Ferdy last summer

Hope they work :-)
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Whoops! I didn't see your last post.
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Those are beautiful kitties! And a really cute baby too!!!!! I wish I have one (Baby)
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Hi, Yola - it's great to see you're back - and I love the pictures!
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Absolutely wonderful pic's Yola! Little Dominik is growing like a weed & the furkids looks lovely as ever!

Thanks so much for sharing those with us!
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Dominik is so adorable!! What a cutie he's become, and getting cuter all the time!

Fifi, Ferdi and Bailie are precious as always!
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Lovely pics Yola!

lmao @ the censored one
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Wow- This is the 8th time I've been in here this morning and finally the pics decided to work! Your son is such a little cutie. Love that little face! & your cats are so beautiful. Great pics Yola, Lovely to hear from you!
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