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Grooming Lick turns into Eating

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My cat tries to groom me (licking my hair) and then the licking turns into eating my hair and digesting it. I guess since her tongue doesn't reach (since my hair is long) to simply groom, she starts to chop it with her teeth. Needless to say my hair-do looks like I went crazy one day and chopped the top off myself.

Does anybody know what's up with her?
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It is the same as if she came across some yard or thread. It is very interesing and curious. Just be careful about how much goes down. If your hair is really long and she gets enough, it could cause a blockage.
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Hi, I actually went to this site to find out more about my own cat's recent diagnosis of Wool-sucking disorder. My cat, Oliver, started out by eating my hair while I slept--he also took out some big chunks. Then I noticed my carpets were missing pieces of their fringe. Then I noticed the lace on my pillowcases were getting frayed. Then I saw my duvet cover was missing its corners. And then one night I climbed into bed and pulled my sheet up oover me only to find a hole in my sheet. Since then he has eaten holes in some of my clothing, my couch-- anything fabric.
My vet said he had found out about this at a seminar and it is called Wool-sucking disorder. Now my little vacuum cleaner is on anti-depressants! Hopefully your cat just sticks to you hair. But if any one else is dealing with this I would love to hear from you. Right now I am waiting for the medication to kick in and hiding all fabrics!
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