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Help! Breeder Question?

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Hi, First time poster! I purchased a Blue Mitted Ragdoll kitten from a breeder on May 1st. His name is Wallace and he's great. Very well socialized and great with my niece and nephews as well as my other cat, a 6 yr old ragdoll/persian mix named Winston. I have not a single compaint about the kitten at all. My concern is that I have not yet received his papers or copies of his previous vet records. I brought him home at 12wks old at which time he had already had his kitten shots and had been neutered. I called a week or so after bringing him home to let them know he was fine and happy and to ask about the vet records as I had forgotten in all the excitement of picking him up. I'm starting to get worried because it's been so long. I feel liked I asked good questions when we first spoke. I couldn't visit the cattery before picking him up, but spoke to them several times and was given several pictures. I met Wallace's parents as well as several littermates who were running around trying to get noticed. Am I just being paranoid? Should I be worried or just calm down and be patient? It's been 6 weeks now. This is my first time dealing with the world of pedigreed animals. Any advice from the experts?
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Have you been in contact with the breeder about getting his papers? Do keep on them.
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You do not say where you live, maybe things work different from what I know about. But some things should be the same:

Did the breeder you bought the kitten from have a cattery name? Did they say anything at all about registration papers, pedigree etc? Sometimes, when the cat is signed over from the cattery to the new owner it take some time to get the papers back from wherever the registration is made.

Call them again and ask for the papers. They must respond some way or another. If the response is not to your satisfaction, try to check if the seller is a member of a breeder's association. Try to find another ragdoll breeder and ask if he knows about "your" cattery. Search the internet for the cattery name (if there is one) or the seller's name.

Have you got any papers at all? A contract, a receipt? Do you know the vet's name? You could contact him directly for copies of shot papers.

It is probably just a delay, but you never know, so you're not paranoid in my opinion.
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I think Anne said it right..
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Is the breeder registred in some cat organisation (CFA, TICA etc)? If the breeder you can call the organsitation and ask if they are processing the papers (the pedigree).
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Thanks for all the info. Yes, I do have a signed contract. The breeder is TICA registered. I think I'm just being impatient. I've left a message with them and will wait for a callback. Thanks to everyone for calming me down! I'll wait a while longer and continue to give them the benefit of the doubt.
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