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My tribute to the victims...

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some of you may know that I also paint. I am grieving for the victims, my heart feels heavy. I have expressed my feelings in these 2 watercolours:


I am sorry, I had to take them out because of Copyright issues...
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Anne-Claire, you already know what I think about your pieces
You have great talent girl!
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Anne-Claire...Your paintings have truly captured two of the scenes from this tragedy that will be etched in many minds forever. Thanks for sharing them with us. You are a very talented artist.
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They are wonderfull paintings with so much feeling and emotion. I too paint but I have not been able to go into my studio yet. Thankyou for sharing. They are very inspiring.
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Remarkable paintings! You are very talented.
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What talent you have! When I first saw the photo of the fireman and the flags so reminescent of Iwo Jima, I wondered how it would be to have that painted and merge the two somehow. But the stark reality of the fireman in this day and age, how you managed to capture it in watercolor is truly remarkable. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent here.
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Anne-Claire!!!!! Your talent is remarkable!!!!! I especially loved the first one! The second one was good also! I wish I were half as talented as you! Thanks for sharing those!
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Anne Claire - your paintings are wonderful!! I also paint but I'm pretty useless in water-colours!! (I can just about manage a flower!!)
They are really lovely images Anne Claire and so appropriate...

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You did a beatiful job on both paintings. I think they are beautiful.
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You do indeed have talent. Those are great pictures. The last one is what I see every day and I keep thinking they should be saved.
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