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cat is washing my hands and face ???

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I think my cat may be pregnant, if she is she should be due near, or around the 23rd of June, I think.

Well, she keeps licking my hands, and my face. Is this normal for an expectant cat? Is soap residue bad for cats? Should I use something different for washing my hands with? Or just not let her lick them? She never has been a human licky cat. She started 'washing' my hands about a week ago, and started on my face yesterday. She will get up into my lap, stand with her little paws on my shoulders, and just go to town, as if I hadn't bathed in a while. She even threw a fit yesterday when I got in the shower, I had to set her up with a little perch between the outer shower curtain, and the liner, so she could peek in to see I was okay. We have a big garden bathtub, so she can sit very comfy, or even lay down. Wich she does, on her special towel that stays for her to sit on, when ever I bathe. But this shower thing, she will not leave me alone.

It's pretty hard for me to see her not being herself. She will be 3 in about 5 days. I've had her since she was 7 weeks old, so I have had a chance to get to know her. Any ideas?? My pooor girl won't rest if I am not stationary in one room. I've neglected house work for the past two weeks because of this, and I need to get work done. Lock her in a room for a while so I can get housework done? I don't want to stress her by forcing her to be seperated from me, but I want her to rest, and I don't want her to get steped on since she is usually right under foot.

Thanks guys you've been great help for me so far. I am so new at this possible pregnant thing. I'm not new to having furry babies, and not new to cats, but... this is way different.
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Do not worry about what you wash your hands with, the residue from soap won't harm her.
As for the licking and constant attention seeking. It's is fairly typical for expectant cat moms. They tend to get more affectionate.
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