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Rescued feral-Hazel

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Hi all,

Last week we managed to round up mama (we call her Hazel) and her 5 kittens. Hazel went in on Friday to be spayed, get her shots, Advantage, and nail trim. She was really out of it when we brought her home being that she had surgery late in the day and the doctor said she was either in heat or in the very early pregnancy stages. (already!!). He gave me pain medication for her to give twice a day, which she prefers in her food (since I can't get near her). I boiled up some chicken breast for her and give her a little bit with the medicine mixed in and she eats it all! She's eating well, and using the box, so I know she's beginning to feel better. Since she's feral, we can't reach for her without her spitting and hissing and wanting to swipe. We can get close enough to put food in her bowl and clean her box, but reaching for her is a no-no for now. My question is, is there any hope that she can calm down and not be so nasty? She's in a very large cage for now, because she needs to have her activity restricted from surgery. I hate the thought of having to release her outside again, but we may not have a choice. We can't bring her inside the house, as we have 10 cats of our own. Her kittens are about 11 weeks old and are just fine. 4 out of 5 are lovable little fur balls. The only female in the litter, a calico I named Abagail, hisses at me every time. I can pet her but she always seems to want to get away.

I think she'll be fine in time, but mama is another story. Is there any hope?
I should say that Hazel is not quite a year old, but close. Too old to be calmed down?
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I am soooo excited that you caught momma and kittens!!!

There is hope for socializing momma cat, but it will be a slow process. We have a wonderful thread about how a feral named Lucky was adopted and socialized. Click here to read the story of Lucky. You will find lots of suggestions and ideas on how to convince momma cat that you are a safe and loving human.

Good luck!
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