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Show perfermance

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I took my two cats to a show on Saturday. It was not the first time, they have been to five or six already. Johnny is fine, relaxed and happy, sleeping on his back in the cage (they share a double cage), or trying to get attention from anyone who cares to talk to him. He also performs really well in front of the jugdes, tail straight up, he seems to be enjoying it all.

Ronja on the other hand is not enjoying anything. She curls up in a corner of the cage, her eyes big and round, and when I take her out of the cage, she clings to me, her front paws around my neck. So I have to sooth her for a while before it is time to give her to the jugde, and then she just lies on the table, flat as a pancake. She does no hiss, no claws out or anything, just seems to be very uncomfortable. She eats and drinks water in the cage, and she plays if I give her a catnip toy, so she is not totally unhappy.

If this continues, I will not take her to more shows, a possible championship is not worth it, I think.

But if anyone can give me some advice as to improve things I would be grateful.
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Anne I will put you with the people in the "know."
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I think she just isn't into the while show thing. Maybe she doesn't like the crowd and the noise. You shoud try once more and take her to a show but if she reacts the same then maybe she would be best staying at home while Johnny goes and does his thing
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You might want to try something like Dr Bach's rescue remedy, it "might" relax her. Other than that, you know some cats just don't like to show and I think you're on the right track with keeping her at home.
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