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Rosie and Sophie pics!!

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Susan sent me these to post for her of her two beautiful little girls! So, without further's Rosie and Sophie (with Susan's captions)!

Do you fancy a Rosie and Sophie fix!

Nap time!

Give your stepsister a kiss!

Awww c'mon Rosie play with me!

Sit still for mum.

That fish was great!

Caught red handed on the kitchen table!

Muuuuuuum the posties here!
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Thanks Heidi!
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OH MY GOSH! Susan they are ADORABLE!!! I especially like the one where they are caught red hand on the kitchen table CUTE!
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how cyte are they. i love the one of them cuddles up on the bed, very sweet
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Susan, weren't you worried about Rosie not accepting Sophie? LOL - the two look inseparable! They're real cuties.
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I don't think it gets any cuter than that............(well, maybe my babies.......)
(no just kidding)
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Absolutley the sweetest!!! the fish one and the cuddle one...just the best Susan....your kids are sooo lucky to have you!!!
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They are real CUTE DARLINGS!!!! Makes my heart melt to see them cuddling and playing together!
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Susan they are so beautiful. I don't know which one I like the best. The cuddles are cute and the way they are both sitting up looking at you, as if posing for the camera. They are great.
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Oh Susan! They're so beautiful! They love eachother so much! I love every one of them! They're so sweet cuddling and they must have so much fun together!
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Those babies are beautiful Susan I have a surprise for you when I am done with your siggy I hope that you like it.
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How absolutely adorable! How did you get the spots on their noses to match so!?
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oh Susan!!! I am in love I am actually speechless (and that doesnt happen often )

They are just gorgeous - and look how much they have taken to each other... I especially love the one where Sophie is giving Rosie a kiss
awwwwwwwwwwww my heart melts
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OMG they are sooooooo cute together , aaaawww what loveley pics
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They are so cute! The bottom picture is my favorite. You must be so proud!
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OMG they are just so adorable! They are just the cutest pair of kitties ever.

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Awwww thanks everyone

jcat: Yes you are right, i was worried . It's hard to believe after that first weekend that i would see them like this

Cathi: I'm having a nightmare at putting my siggy on!
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