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Hi, i've posted on the behaviour board but figured if i was gonna hang around i should have a proper intro

We just adopted a sweety black 3 month old kitten a week ago. His name is Bob Dylan (we just say Dylan). My husband and i just separated, he's allergic so this was my little gifty to my 6 year old daughter, she's ALWAYS wanted a kitty. I also have a 2 year old, a bit of a challenge, he's not too good at petting gently.
I had a most wonderful black cat Mimi when i was a kid, no one has matched her. I was a bad owner in college and gave away two cats due to behaviour issues. I will never do that again.
Dylan is having a few probs. Not using box all the time but i'll talk about that on behaviour board. He is really really sweet!!!
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Welcome to TCS ! Hope you and Dylan find some help for your little problem here, and if you need any help on the site or posting pics in the Fur Pictures Only section (hint, hint) just give me or Caprice a yell, we'll be glad to help!
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Welcome to the site! Dylan sounds like a cutie, but I am a bit partial to black kitties....
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Welcome to TCS my fellow Texan! Where in Texas do you reside? I am in Houston! Dylan sounds cute, can't wait to see some pics of him! If you need any help around here, please feel free to PM me or Cindy and we'll show you the ropes! Have fun!
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I live in Austin

I would love to post pics but i have no digital camera or scanner i'll have to see if a friend can take pics some day
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to TCS!
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