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leaving george alone for a night...

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Hi there, my husband and I are going away in a few weeks just over night- we will leave early saturday morning and come back sunday morning- iam becomign very anxious about leaving george...

I know a night is not a big deal, but it is the first time we will be leaving him alone for that long. I need some reasurrance and tips to make sure he is okay while we are away...

my mom said he could come, but we are going for a short time and will be at a party--so he will be alone there as well, so i thought it best to leave him at home with all of his comforts...

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I've left Rosie overnight before and she was fine .

As long as kitt has plenty of food/water/litter tray and toys you won't have any problem, oh and leave something with your smell on such as a t-shirt
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I agree, one night will be just fine. However, as it is the first time, I would suggest that you close the door to your bedroom (your smell), in case he decides to tell you that you should not have left him alone by spraying on your bed. (Mine did that once).
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He should be fine, but always have a back-up plan in case you get stalled on this overnighter. Either have a relative or a pet sitter available to help should you find yourself gone longer than one night. Don't get anxious, treat it as no big deal, or your cat will pick up on your stress and react badly. Keep the doors all propped open, so he can't shut himself into a room. Make sure he has plenty of water (I leave a few inches in the sink just in case) along with water bowls. Sleep with his toys close to you about 3 days prior to leaving, then lay them out on the floor- they will smell like him, they will smell like you and will comfort him. Leave a radio on low, white noise (static) is best, and clear off all breakables from shelves he might leap on in his quest to find you.
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thank-you for all the tips- iam feeling a bit better about it...but I will be so happy when we are on our way home to george sunday morning

thanks again!
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I've done all the suggestions plus left on small tv on a timer that would come on and off. Plus I left them treats in some of their favorite places. I make sure there is a huge pan of dry food, huge pan of water and that their litter box is totally clean. George will be fine.
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