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I think Sophies jealous of Rosie?

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As you know they love each other now , but what i've noticed is if Rosie comes to me for a scritch, Sophie(now 14 wks old), pushes her way in between and if i pick Rosie up for a hug, Sophie tries to jump up?.

Sophie was fast asleep on top of the sofa yesterday when Rosie jumped onto my lap for a snuggle. Sophie then woke up and jumped down as well and threw her paws around Rosies neck as if to play.

Even if i give them treats, if i go to Rosie first, Sophie will push her way in to get it?!.

I am trying to keep them equal on everything so neither of them feels left out, but Sophie just seems to want me to herself at times.

Is that possible?
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is it possible that sophie is expecting any little sophies???? If not maybe she just needs some alone time with you. Maybe she is getting some negative vibes fron Rosie. These are all possibilities if something is really wrog you should consult at proffesional.
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Susan I think there is some jealousy...however, I think Sophie also wants to be just like Rosie...her mentor. In the same way a younger child wants tag along (much to the annoyance) with older sibling. So maybe it's both! Rosie is her Fur Star after all!
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I think it's a little jealousy, but more so I'd expect Sophie is just being a normal cat. She's minding her own business taking her 5th nap of the day and loving it. But suddenly she notices that Rosie is getting petted by you. She had been so busy enjoying her nap that she never thought to go over and get attention. But Rosie makes it look like so much fun that she has to try it right away.

(It's like kids with toys. There can be 25 toys lying idle, all equally wonderful, but the kids all want to play with what the other one has. It's not exactly jealousy. It's more that seeing someone else do something you like makes you want to do it.)

There could be some jealousy. There could be some tagging along and curiosity to see what Rosie is doing. It could just be that they both love you. I also think it could be that Rosie wants Sophie all to her self. It could be that she doesn't want Sophie to prefer attention from you to playing with her.

Too bad they can't talk huh?

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Susan I have the same problem with mine. I am sure it is jealousy, but it could be as Heather says, seeing someone else do it. My four all want to be on my lap at the same time and push each other off.
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Thanks everyone, it does all make sense

As i say, i try to make them both equal as much as i can without huffing one of them!.

The things you have to do!

TIGERLILLY: No there's no little Sophies. Sophie is only 14 weeks old and she's an indoor cat and has been since i brought her home when she was only 6 weeks.
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Susan, it sounds like your doing such a wonderful job giving them equal amounts of affection and spending special quality individual time with both Rosie and Sophie!
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Pepper does that all the time!!! I think it is like what some others said- whenever she sees a cat doing something, SHE wants to get involved and ends up often pushing the other cats away (even when she is half the size of the others!! )

I think u are doing the right thing- continue to give them equal attention and love..
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