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Great link

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Hissy posted this link a long time ago and I just came across it again. I thought it was great and wanted others to see it too.
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That's so cute! How very, very true!
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That was soooo funny and very true!

Last night when i went to bed, Rosie was curled up at the bottom and Sophie was, as usual lying on my pillow but in the most un-ladylike fashion!. She was on her back with her legs up wide in the air, with her head curled under and her front paws hanging down.

I didn't have the heart to move her, so i had about 3" of pillow!.
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I loved that! Rosiemac, that happens to me almost every night! My Max decides that he wants to sleep on the pillow and I end up on the mattress because he slowly eases me off the pillow while I'm sleepnig! Bad kitties!
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Thank you for that, I really needed a good laugh. It was so funny, and so true.
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That is very funny and so true!
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to funny

and so true
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Hilarious!! It's good to know that we all share common ground with this, isn't it? My business partner was here for 3 weeks last month and was sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. I came out for some water at like 3 in the morning and he was on the VERY uncomfortable couch, not sleeping at all. I asked him why he wasn't on the nice air mattress and he looked at it, longingly...where my cat, Moth, was stretched out right across the middle of it. I laughed so hard I spit the water out She looks so happy, he said! OI!! He was miserable all night...and the next day - but Moth was a happy girl!
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That is so funny!
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That could only have been made by a cat lover! Very cute!
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Originally Posted by jcat
That could only have been made by a cat lover! Very cute!
Ain't THAT the truth!!
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that's so funny. crawling to the kitchen because of the cat. haha.
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LOL. They make it out that the cats a bit evil though.
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