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Sweet November

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Has anyone out there seen this movie? I ordered it on pay-per-view this afternoon, and I LOVED it!! Just thought I'd tell you about it, in case someone wants to see it...
It has Keanu Reeves in it, and it is a romance movie....one of the best romantic movies I have seen in awhile. I highly recommend it.
If you love romance movies, and don't mind shedding some tears during it, you will love this movie. It really touched my heart!!!
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Debby; I noticed that it is available to get on pay-per-view this week and I thnk I will order it and tape it (do not report me to FBI anyone! lol) I like Keanu Reeves a lot and I would enjoy seeing a good romantic movie. I might as well see something make-believe to make me cry because I have shed enough "Reality Tears" this week to last a lifetime. . . . .
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Darlene, I really think you will like this movie, I just kicked myself afterwards for not taping it!! Let me know if you like it!
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I watched it last night. I cried and cried and cried. I don't care for Keanu Reeves but thought he was pretty good in this movie.

Too depressing though. It ended and I didn't feel very happy.
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Shannon, yes it was sad. I too cried like a baby, and my hubby sat there looking at me like I was a moron...:laughing: Needless to say he didn't care for the movie at all!!! I think it is more for women, or for very, sensitive, romantic men (and yes, I beleive there are still a few of those left in the world...like on the catsite for example! )

Even though I didn't like the ending, I LOVED the movie, because it had so much emotion, and the people in it seemed so real, and it was one of those movies that just sticks with you, long after you have watched it, ya know?

I want to order it again, so I can tape it this time!:tounge2:
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I agree, the movie was romantic. It was definitely better than I had thought.

So sad though, and last night I really needed a good cry.
I am completely a romantic. I cry at everything. Especially when those humane society commercials come on. So sad, and the AT&T commercials. I am a sucker, what can I say.

I say ignore your husband. My Father is the same way he makes fun of me if he sees me crying. It's embarrassing so I never cry in front of him. My boyfriend is the opposite he'll cry with me! Men, who can figure them out???
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I think some men make fun of these types of movies, simply because it affects them, and rather than look like they are weak... they would rather make fun of it.
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I haven`t seen Sweet November yet, but look forward to it. One of the best love stories I have seen was A Walk On the Clouds with Keanu Reeves. It is an older one, but if you haven`t seen it it is a good one.
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No, I haven't seen that one, when did it come out? I will have to look for it!
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Debby, A walk in the clouds came out a few weeks ago. I've seen it and it is very good. I can't watch Sweet November because I don't have pay-per-view. How much does the company charge for a pay-per-view? When I have a good size income, I will order it.
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A walk in the clouds came out in 1995, but it is an old fashioned love story.
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Tiggeytoes, I will definately try to find it, because it sounds like a good one! Thanks! (Plus I love Keanu Reeves, he is so gorgious! )

Nena, you can still see Sweet November, just rent it at your video store, it is a newer release. And the Pay-per view came with my cable, I live in the country so I have to have a satalite dish to get cable, and I have the the company called, dishnetwork, and it is just a very small satalite dish, maybe 16 inches in diameter, I am guessing, that is attached to my garage. The pay per view movies cost me about $4.00 each, when I order one, and I don't think that's too bad considering I don't have to worry about taking them back or getting late fees! :laughing:
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There is also a new movie by Keanue Reeves. I don't know what it is called but I guess he is a baseball coach to some kids. Anyone see it yet?
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