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I'm worried...

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I am worried about my new kitties. We just took them home from the shelter a little over two weeks ago, and they just had their vet appointment a little over one week ago. I am a little concerned about Spooky, as he keeps squinting one of his eyes. It keeps getting goop building up in it, and we keep wiping it out. All three of our kitties have gas. The vet looked at a stool sample while we were there with them for their rabies shots, and said that she did not see any parasites, but there was a high bacteria count. Friday, Garfield had diarrhea really bad throughout the day, and he was vomiting. We called the vet, who told us to come into the office to pick up some i/d food for them. She said that would clean their tummies of the bacteria, which would help with the diarrhea and the gas. We started them on that on Saturday morning. Garfield still has diarrhea, they are all still gassy, and we just noticed blood in the litter box. We don't know if it was with the stool or urine, or even which cat was bleeding. I am so worried. I am going to call the vet about this in the morning. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me? Thanks so much, you are all great!
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It could be coccidia, which is common in kitties, they need good bacteria in their gut. You can go to a good pet supply place and buy some good bacteria Pet Ags Bene-Bac is what I get for my kitties that have the runs. You can also give them some high fat plain yogurt to settle their tummies, and add canned pumpkin (just a little bit to their food).
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Thanks for your reply. When we called the vet today, they said that it might just be the bacteria passing out of their systems. They said that if it continues, to let them know. They all seem to feel good, they still are sprinting through the house pouncing on everything. Hopefully they will be all straightened out in a few days.
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Well my vet always recommends gradually switching over to a new food. The very act of abruptly (if that's how you did it) switching to i/d could have upset their stomachs for awhile too.

If they are running around and playing a lot they're probably not in too much danger. You have time to figure out what's going on and treat it if need be.

(Some parasites don't show up in a stool test every time. They have 'shedding' cycles and at certain times a stool test won't show them at all. My vet will also generally do a round of deworming just in case if there's diahrea.)
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