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Diahrrea Kitty

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Hi everyone, I have two 8 month Ragdolls - Baci and Dolce. Baci has been having very inconsistent stools (firm or soft daily) and most recently very bad diahrrea. When the stool is firm it is very dark and when it is soft or runny it is light brown. He is very high spirited and always hungry. He has no signs of illness. About three months ago I switched them over to Solid Gold dry and canned. He is etiher allergic to an ingredient in his food or may have parasites. He has been seen for worms in the last 4 months and the tests were negative. Has anyone experienced this sort of problem? I have never had a cat with worms - is it common for the cats to be so hungry, yet have an upset stomach? Your thoughts on this are greatly appreciated. "Concerned parent."
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I would look for something besides parasites to be causing this. Coccidia, giardia, really anything. I would take him to the vet and have a full work-up including bloodwork. I would also talk to your vet about the diet and about how you switched him over, all at once, or gradually? I would also be pushing fluids as much as possible as diarrhea can send a cat into dehydration quickly and thus into more health issues.

Do the pinch test, take his scruff and pinch lightly for a few seconds, release, the skin will fold down in seconds in a hydrated cat, if the cat's body is depleted of fluids the skin will stay tented up. If it does stay tented up, get the cat to the vet ASAP! For it needs subcu fluids.
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Originally Posted by Sgd25
I have never had a cat with worms - is it common for the cats to be so hungry, yet have an upset stomach?
First off, welcome to the forums. You'll find a lot of helpful people here; I know I have in my first few months here.

I don't want to give the impression that I think your cat has worms; I really have no idea. But yes, a cat can have worms and still be eating like normal. I had no idea that one of my cats had worms a couple of months ago until he vomited, and there was a four-inch long live worm in the vomit! He continued to eat as much as usual, but gave no other indications of illness other than the vomiting and later, diarrhea. My other cat has had tapeworms, and I don't think his appetite was affected, either. I might add, too, that this applies to adult cats. I have no idea whether or not young kittens might be different; I've never had one.
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I also read when I did much research on causes of diareah that dark stool indicates blood in it. Just thought I'd mention it, and don't want to freak you out! I would bring a sample to the vet just in case.
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