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My Cat is Peeing on my Couch, Help!

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One of our female cats (who is fixed) is finding the need to pee on the same spot on my couch. We have had her checked out by our local vet. No urine infection. We tried the Feliway plug-in. Still spraying so we had her checked out AGAIN, no urine infection. So finally we ended up getting her the vaccination to help her change her attitude. It seemed to be working. Then we went away for a few days and then I found urine on the same place on that same couch yet AGAIN. We do have other cats, one is her brother. They all seem to get along. We have enough litter boxes that I don't feel like that is the problem. We are not dirty people and I can't live like this! I'm tired by this seemingly undending process and I don't want to order something that is a gimic (especially since Feliway didn't seem to do the trick). How do I stop her from doing this anymore? Do you have a vet or a website you would recommend me visiting to chat with? And HOW do I clean urine off of a fabric couch????? Thank you for reading this and even moreso if you can help.
Jen B
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Please see the stickied thread in this forum about inappropriate peeing-

Also if you go to www.kalever.com you can order a product that will break down the enzymes in the urine and get it to go away. Unless you get rid of the urine completely your cat will return every three days to freshen it.

There are times when manually expressing urine from a cat will not show a uti, but a needle draw will. You might want to consider a second visit and request a needle draw from the bladder directly.
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In case you don't know where to find the stickied thread Hissy mentioned, please click here to read some other things to try to stop the problem behavior.

The product Nok-Out that Hissy gave you the link to is beyond excellent. I have a cat in kidny failure who has accidents at times. Nok-Out is the only product I have trid that really does remove urine odor. Make sure that you pre-treat the couch with a baking-soda/water mixture before using the Nok-Out so that the PH level won't counteract Nok-Out's enzymes. Also make sure that you really saturate the couch with the Nok-Out. It will need to reach every little bit of pee that has soaked into the cusions. So, really soak it and then don't use it until it dries.

You mentioned a vaccination to help with her attitude. Can you tell us more about this?
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