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Not to sound petty but..........

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Where did my post ,about if animals know what is going on,go :confused3 :confused3
Did I miss something?
Darn computer give it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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One of the other moderators deleted the thread. Not because you had done anything wrong, because you certainly didn't, but because she felt there was alot of fighting going on it, by other members, but I think next time, maybe just the bad posts should be deleted not the whole thread, but we are new at doing this, as we have never had to deal with all this fighting before, so forgive us, if we accidentally delete something we shouldn't or leave something up, that should be deleted. I am sorry about your thread, it's too bad people had to use it to argue about things in.
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Thanks! I was wondering what happened!
and don't worry, I understand completely!:tounge2:
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I hope it wasn't my post that did Jugen's thread in, I thought it was a very interesting question that she asked, being that my cat is responsive in many ways. I just hope I didn't do or say anything wrong, being a "Newbie" to this site. And if I did I apologize for it, that's all.
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Sandra - I guarantee it wasn't you!
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I just noticed that the thread is back!!! Minus the argueing posts!! I'm not sure if Anne but it back, or if the moderator who deleted it put it back, but I just wanted to tell you!

Oh and Sandra, you did nothing at all wrong, don't ever worry about that!
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