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Another proud cat lover

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My name is Patty, I just found this site last night.
I couldnt go to bed until I read every post about the cat named
Starlight! What a great story! He is a very lucky kitty!
I got 2 persians from a rescue in 2001. Molly is a calico persian, and you would never have known how beautiful she was back then. Most of them had to be shaved, and were severly malnutritioned, along with parasites in and out. Most of them were really terrified of humans. The woman who had them had gotten sick and left them to fend for themselves for an undetermined amount of time. Molly wouldnt come out from under the bed for a good 2 months. She still wont let you pick her up or touch her with more than one hand, but she has come a long way. The 2nd persian was a Tortie. She was not traumatized apparently, she wasnt even in a cage. My husband bent over to look at something, and she jumped up on his back as if to say "Take Me Home!" He instantly fell in love with her. She was also shaved so she had this semi-fluffy head and this little shaved body. She adapted very well with the 3 other cats we already had. We named her Sarah, and she was the sweetest cat, and I have had a lot of cats in my 44 yrs. I have never seen a cat do this, dont know if any of you know any cat to do this either but, she had a stuffed animal cat that she would carry in her mouth, sit it down and lay face to face with it and make this sound as if she was talking to it. Not a meow sound, it was so amazing. My daughter swears she would say "hi", I heard it too and it was almost spooky. Ya know the saying "only the good die young"? Well our sweet Sarah was diagnosed with cancer March 11, 2003. We had the tumor under her left arm, over her rib cage removed. Even before the stitches healed you could see if growing back even faster than it appeared. It grew on the outside of her body, so you knew as it progressed. I had to put her down on Feb. 6, 2004. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! Anyway...I got a new persian kitten for Valentine's Day. She was a silver shaded little girl. I had her 5 weeks and there always seemed to be something wrong with her. She died of FIP. I was soooo upset, I dont know why, but more than I was with Sarah. I was terrified the other cats had gotten the FIP, but thank God they are OK. After a while I tried again, I got another persian kitten. She is a beautiful healthy and happy and full of personality. She is a golden shaded tabby, her name is Lily.
My 3rd persian is Sophie, from a home where she wasnt wanted, she is 10 yrs. old, silver shaded. Joann is my domestic calico, Mitzy is a tuxedo kitty, and her son is B.B., he is all black, the only boy. So thats my clan.
Glad to meet you all. Thanks for listening.
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Gosh Patty , just reading your post almost broke my heart . I am so sorry off your loss

I have 4 persian , 1 black persian, 1 golden shaded and 1 silver shaded and my special one a calico persian . They all come from rescue
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same here - that post brought tears to my eyes - but know they are happy at the rainbow bridge free of any pain - and waiting until the see you again

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Welcome to TCS to you and your kitties.

Sorry to hear about yor loss.
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Wow ! I too am in tears from your post, but am also proud that you have more kitties too! Welcome to TCS!
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Oh, Patty, you have experienced such loss. I'm deeply sorry. You have so much love to share, I'm so happy you and your family have joined us!
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Welcome to the site! Yes, Starlight's story is quite amazing, but it sounds like you have stories to rival his. Sounds like they certainly have a great home once you find them.

I'm very sorry to hear of your recent losses.
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Welcome to TCS Patty! I am sorry you had to lose two of your babies so close together! You are more than welcome to share your full story about your baby in "Crossing the Bridge". I would love to see pics of the rest of your little clan too! If you need help navigating the boards and such, KittenKrazy (Cindy) and I can help you with that! Hope you enjoy it here and have fun!
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Welcome to The Cat Site. I am sorry to hear of your loss.
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welcome to the site
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I really appreciate all the comforting words from you all!
I am looking forward to putting their pictures on here, but still trying to figure it out. I have help on the way I think.
My kitties are like my kids, I love them all.
I call them my furry children.

Talk to ya soon.
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Patty - thank you for loving those persians. They are a special breed; not to everyone's taste, but I have 2 and I love their quirky personalities and little idiosyncracies to bits.

Your story touched my heart - thanks.
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Welcome to TCS.

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