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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starr!!!

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June 13, 2002!
Taz-Mina, Starr, and ShilohRose were born to Emily and Big Daddy.

Today is their birthday.

Starr is the only surviving triplet. She is what I call a "faux" Siamese. She looks Siamese but she is not a full blood. Her father, Big Daddy, is a Siamese and her mother is a little feral black cat named Emily.

ShilohRose and Taz-Mina "Mina" died last year of leukemia, both had to be euthanized as the disease progressed to an unbearable stage. I had to set them free from an agonizing death.

I miss them both as does Starr. She took Mina's death especially hard as she was older at the time. ShilohRose died at about 6 months of age. Starr was so distraught over the loss of Mina that I thought she would die too.

Happy Happy Birthday Starr!!!

And Happy Happy Birthday Mina and ShilohRose at the Rainbow Bridge! I miss you girls and I love you. So does Starr and your adoptive mom, Tati.

Starr was spayed yesterday and even if she does not realize it, it was the greatest gift I could give her...no more heat and no babies.
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Happy Birthday Starr!

And a Happy Birthday to Mina and ShilohRose. May you catch every mouse you chase over the bridge.
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For sweet little Starr
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Have a very happy birthday Starr!
Any chance to get Emily and Big Daddy to avail of the advantage of neutering like Starr has?
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and of course a BIG happy birthday to Mina & ShilohRose - may there be a BIG party for you at the rainbow bridge
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Ohh, how bittersweet.
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Happy Birthday, Starr!
Mina and Shiloh Rose, enjoy your special day as you watch over your Mommy and sister!
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Happy Birthday Babies!
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Hope your mum spoils you to bits
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Happy Birthday Starr!
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Starr is doing good after her surgery.
And she had an ok birthday. She spent it in hiding just sleeping and getting well. I asked her if Mina and ShilohRose came for a visit but she didn't tell me.

Emily and Big Daddy have already had their surgeries about a year ago. I am especially happy about those two as they were really hard to catch. Now they are my buds. Big Daddy fathered many babies so I am glad to put him "out of business". All the babies are just gorgeous...but enough is enough. It is taking some time but I intend to win the battle of the babies.
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So wonderful to hear Starr is recovering so well from her surgery! Thank you for letting us know! I'm glad she was so pampered for her special Birthday!
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