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New kitten, red bottom

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Hi, I have two new kittens, Thunder and Lightening.
They are both skinny little rescue kitty's. Lightening has a red bottom that is a bit swollen. What can this be from? I can't get her to the vet until wed.

And Thunder is doing okay, but getting her to eat is a challenge. I am not convinced she was really fully weaned. she doesn't seemed to know how to do much on her own yet. They both know what litter box is and use it with no trouble. Both seem content and cuddly. I am just concerned about Lightening's bottom and Thunders not eating well unless I am hand feeding her.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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How old are the kittens? Generally a red bottom is either because of runny stool, or if the stool is too hard. If not already done, they should both have a fecal done by your veterinarian as soon as you can.
Depending on the age, and weather they were weaned would depend on what route you go trying to get them to eat. Instead of going through all the options, if you could give me an idea of the age, what you are feeding them, what the person told you they were eating, etc I could give you some suggestions.
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Robyn, you may want to try giving kitten glop to these two. The recipe is half-way down this page. Also, try feeding canned kitten food mixed with some of this glop until you get a thick gruel. Kittens often enjoy this.

As for Lightening's red bottom, Sandie is right. You may also want to watch them closely when they're sleeping together. Is it possible that Thunder is suckling on Lightening's genital area? This can cause redness and swelling and often occurs with kittens that were taken too early from their mom. If it is this, you can click here to get some ideas on how to stop it as it is dangerous for both kittens.

Thank you for taking these two little ones into your heart.
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Hi Sandie and Kumbulu,

Thank you for your suggestions. The next morning after posting Thunder (the one not eating) got very sick and died. I couldn't get her to vet in time . I did get lightening to the vet within a few hours. The emergancy vet here is open on Sunday's thank goodness. Any way Lightening had a prolapsed rectum. They stitched it and she was doing great. They tested her for everything under the sun, because of her sister. All was negative. she was doing wonderfully and happy, until today. My mom called me at work to come home. I did and she was lethargic. I took her to the vet and on the way their she had a seizure and stopped breathing. she returned abit but the vet said it would be better to put her to sleep, she simply was too far gone. I agreed, but not before balling my eyes out in the waiting room. Come to find out she had Feline Panleukopenia (FPL). It was the 3rd cat from just today they had to put to sleep. All from the same animal shelter were I got both kitties. The vet said there was no way to know really, and she wasn't old enough to be vaccinated I guess. I am feeling mad and frustrated at the animal shelter and the 1st vet (the emergancy one) for not picking up on that. My children are very sad and I am really feeling it. I only had them a few weeks, but geezzz, I was already pretty attached. Now I have to disinfect everything, and can't have another cat for awhile at least a kitten anyway. I am bummed. I am also shocked at the the speed at which that takes over. She was happy and waking me up this morning for her breakfast.

Thank you guys for responding. I am sorry I didn't check back sooner. In all of this I had 3 babies (I am midwife) (for people LOL) LOL and haven't had much opportunity to log on.

Thank again! I am reading and reading thorugh the forum now and am goingto try and get myself more prepared to have another kitten in the future.

Robyn M.
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Robyn I'm so sorry for Thunder & Lightening. I'm also sorry for you and your children. You're all in my thoughts.

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It does hit the young ones, and fast. I am sorry you lost both of them. I am moving this to our Crossing the Bridge forum now, and have lit a candle in the window for these two baby angels to light their way.
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Robyn, I'm so sorry the little ones didn't make it.
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I'm so sorry both sweeties didn't make it.

May they both RIP.
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ohhh, I'm so sorry. Find Solace in that they had a happy if short life with you.
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I am so sorry that you only had these two little babies for such a short time. You must have grown so attached to them. I'm praying for you and your family and thank you for caring for them the way that you did.
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