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gray tigers and personality

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I am researching the personailites of cats and whether coat color/pattern plays a role. In particular, gray tabbies and tigers. I work for a resuce organization and every gray tiger I have known and worked with has been super affectionate, male or female.

Was curious to hear other stories. Thanks for participating.

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I must admit that my Oscar is a real love bug His personality is nothing like The Sammycat's who is a nut job Where as Oscar is loving all the time, The Sammycat only lets you love on him when it isn't an inconvience to him
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Yes now you mention this I think you are corect with that .
All of the gray tigers I ever owned and still own are very loving and giving cats . Jack is even a very gentle cat and very quiet , I do have to call his name to love on him . My PD girl is the best in the world
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I've had several grey/brown tabbies and have found them all very affectionate, but the most affectionate I've had is Frodo, I think, and Puck. Puck was pure blue from a brown tabby mom and Frodo is a red tabby. Those two love(d) absolutely everyone. There isn't a human or animal that they don't get along with. Very outgoing and lovey.
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I can't say I've had a lot of experience with gray tigers (we had one, and my mom has had two), but you might be on to something. As DiMa said, they're "outgoing", very adventurous and affectionate even with perfect strangers (and dogs). My sister's orange tabby, Trey, could actually be described the same way, though he sometimes likes to be "regal" and "lord" over the other pets.
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I have never owned a grey tiger, but I would love to. All the ones I have been in contact with are adorable and extremely affectionate. One of my friends has a grey tiger who really does look like a minature tiger. He is very loving.
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I've had two grey tigers and they both had AMAZINGLY similar personalities... One was a Heidi, a short hair tiny female, and Casey, a medium length hair'd boy. They are not related.

Heidi moved out with my ex a few years back and I actually got Clarence and Casey to replace Heidi and Sebastian. Heidi and Casey are the same coloring (grey stripe tabby) and Clarence and Sebastian are the same colorings (orange stripe tabby)... and in both cases the personalities are amazingly comparable.

Casey is not only very affectionate, but Polite too. And I never thought of cats as being polite or impolite until I had Heidi and now with Casey that's one of the many words I use to describe him. He also plays wildly and is more athletic than all of my other cats! Casey gets along with everybody and when there is strife in the house, he's never involved. It really seems that all of my other cats really love him. All of this was true of Heidi as well.
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We have a Gray Tiger named Queenie. She's affectionate within her limits. She was born Polydactyl and with deformed joints above the paw. Additionally her back feet were "put on backwards", so she looks like she has rabbits feet.

Very affectionate, in fact a total love. She's a "Daddys girl". Amazing when you consider she's got arthritis everywhere now, and has had 3 CVA's (A bleed within the brain. ie; stroke).

She's 20 years old and holds her own with 2 dogs and 2 adolescent cats.

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My grey tiger is extremely affectionate and loving. When she wants to be loved on she uses her little squeeky meow and demands immediate attention. She loves to have her belly rubbed - I've never known a cat to like that.
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One of my best friend's cats is a brown tabby. He is not particularly affectionate, not a lap cat at all.

I will say that he is one of the smartest cats I have ever seen. He knows how to open every cabinet, closet, and drawer in the house. In trying to make his laser pointer toy work, he pulled the whole thing apart. He also has done same to any brand of pet fountain - Petmate or Drinkwell. You always have to be one step ahead of Herbie.
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Never thought that coats would reflect a cat's personality. I always thought environment while growing up was the main and only factor.
But I must admit that my Skinny is the most affectionate, QT is the ambitious and most vain and Joji is the smartest but least friendly.
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All our cats are "loves". I agree that it's the home they live in V. the breed that sets the personality traits.

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Tank was very affectionate when he was not busy playing, hunting any flies that may have gotten in our apartment, or eating. He was Daddy's boy all the way. Sundays were always spent laying on the couch watching NASCAR ( not to big on the whole NASCAR thing myself, but Jason and Tank bonded every week to it) and any other type of sport that may be on after the race. He loooved Jason! He was very playful, very smart, and quite strong! He had the best personality I have ever seen in a cat. Stinky, his sister, is an anxious girl, always runs when someone knocks on the door, gets scared easily, but loves me tons and really loves her belly rubbed. She has always been more affectionate than Tank (with me), but Tank was waaaay laid back and chill all the time. Unless he was stalking a bug. Then he was serious. He was so cute whenever we'd come home from the grocery store...it was like Christmas! He would poke through every single bag, looking at what we got. Cute. Anyway, Tank was awesome, had the best personality in the world...yes, I might have to say that I agree with that statement.
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Sash is a brown tabby and very affecionate. I've also been told black and orange cats are usually very affecionate cats. I cat attest to that too, since I've had two black and one orange tabby. They were all very sweet.

Lisa & Sash
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