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Hi everyone! *Waves from Sweden*

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Hi! Just found this site, and am pleased to be here! I live in Sweden, and am a hobby breeder of British Shorthairs and longhairs. I am 28, and live in Stockholm, which is the Swedish capital. Me and my fiance have four cats at the moment, and are slowly looking for a fifth - but it will take some time to find the perfect girl for us.

Our cats are:

Hamlet, black silver spotted neutered male. He's 3 1/2 years, and a lovely friend. He loves sleeping on our laps for hours. He's the father of our first four litters, but was neutered last winter since we felt that he had had enough offspring now.

Ywette, golden spotted female. She's seven years old, and has lived with us for three years. She's a wonderful mommy, and has been successful at shows too, but we don't show much. We're planning for her to have one more litter, this fall.

Edith, black smoke female. She's just seven months old, and is daugther to Hamlet and Ywette. We were planning on keeping her for breeding, but no such luck: it turned out that she has a heart problem. I didn't feel comfortable selling her, so she's staying with us. She's really adorable - not only is she very cute, but she's the kind of cat who rolls over on her back when someone approaches. "Pet me, pet me, pet me!!"

Kelly, shaded golden longhaired female. She's a year old, and will hopefully have her first litter this fall. British Longhairs are just adorable - we visited friends who happened to have Kelly in one of their litters and she just toddled right into our hearts when she was five weeks old. She's one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen.

Well, that's about that! We have loads of pictures on our website - http://www.hufflepuffs.net if anyone wants to visit - and I look forward to being here! My fave topics concern genetics and behavior, and I hope to discuss with all of you!

Happy purrs,

Anne and cats
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Welcome to TCS, Anne, to you and your family. You have beautiful kitties!
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My, what pretty kitties you have ! Welcome to TCS, and if you need any help, just let me know, I'll be glad to do anything I can!
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to the site Anne, Hamlet, Yvvette, Edith and Kelly!
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Hello Anne. Your cats are so beautiful That is a nice site you have there.
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A Big Welcome to The Cat Site!!
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OMG all of your cats/kitten are so beautiful , I am in love
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Hello Anne, welcome to the site. Your babies are beautiful. I really loved the picture of the kittens in a box. Nothing like a box full of playfull cute adorable kittens
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Welcome to TCS!!

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so glad to have you here - what a gorgeous family you have there!!! I think you are going to feel right at home here
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Welcome to TCS to you and your family.
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Welcome to the site! I have to agree, you have beautiful kitties!!!!
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Oh mY Anne! You have the most beautiful and cuddliest little babies! Welcome to TCS! If you need any help around here, please feel free to let me know by PM! Have fun!
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