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Paige did a funny!

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At least I thought it was.
Jason, however, did not. He did not at all.

I feel I should preface this with Jason's general fear that I am trying to injure his gents. this all came about when about a year ago now, I was wearing some platform foam flipflops which were a bit loose.. He turns around just as one goes flying for the wall, and suffice it to say, he was unpleasantly surprised when it hit him square in the gents.

Since then he's never quite been happy when things get anywhere close to his parts unless of course.. well you get the idea.

We were watching TV, well I was, and Jason was snoring at the TV. I got up, and patted Paige, who was asleep on HER chair.. and she was exuberant for loving. I rubbed her and petted her and when I had done so for a while, I went to wake up Jason and put him to bed.. whereupon Paige walked up his leg to gis belly to get some love, and help me wake him up.. cute right..?

When she got her fill, she carefully headed south of his belly and stomped him in the gents, with a (trimmed) claw out.

imagine his surprise. He folded in half like a bifold door.

Imagine me laughing hysterically when she took this to mean.. "no you will not go" and decided to sit on his chest until he was quite ready to let her go.

When I left him in the bedroom, I heard him pick her up off the bed and question, "Why did you kick me in the crotch, Paige?" as if pleading for a sane reason for this.

To which she put her paw in his mouth.
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to funny
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I can just see this happening Poor Jason sounds like he needs a jock strap
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Oh, come on, Jason, you've got to think this is so funny!
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Originally Posted by blondiecat
I can just see this happening Poor Jason sounds like he needs a jock strap
Just what I ws thinking! That was too funny, poor Jason
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Is Jason smiling yet?
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Lol, that is so funny! He should be glad her claws were well trimmed!
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ROFL!! I just spit coffee everywhere, thank you very much!! Hehehe I'm sure Jason will be happy to know that you've told all of us, too Go tell him that his misfortune was great entertainment for us all.
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he was quite put out when I told him that you all know.. lol. However, he has resigned himself to being "the guy who's parts are perpetually in danger." He is now eagerly awaiting such a story to tell about me.
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LOL! JC often manages to take a flying leap off the headboard and land right on hubby's crotch! He gets mad when I laugh, but how is the cat supposed to know?
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HAHAHAHA what an awesome story
thanks for sharing

and a small comment for Paige - you go girl - you show them whos boss
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Your Paige sounds like she has quite the personality! What a funny, funny story! I'm still laughing!!
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Poor guy. He was only trying to sleep... ... then ...does this... ...and this...

Enjoyed your post!
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funny post!
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That's hysterical! Umm, you can tell Jason, he has company, though, in a manner of speaking...

Our old (RB) Siamese, Nibs (20 lbs on each of his four paws and not very graceful) was Daddy's Boy, and perpetually arrived unceremoniously in Rob's lap, doing severe damage. It got to the point where, for his first Christmas with us, Nibs's gift to his Daddy was a jock strap. (Gotta tell ya I got some strange looks when I did THAT shopping!)
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Glad for the trimmed nails. I once heard a story from a male friend who was awoken by his kitten like that, but of course he slept naked...He jumped out of bed in shock and the kitten was still hanging there...Wouldn't that be a sight! HA!

Sorry if I offended anyone
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O.o Jason feels better, lol
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