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Please help!!!

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Hi, I am new here, but I need your help. I have two baby kittens. Two boys from the same litter. They were fine until I took them to the vet on Monday afternoon. They got their second set of shots and deworming. Now, one of them is not doing well. He hasn't been eating well since the vet visit, but I figured he was just being picky. Now, yesterday, he started to have diarrhea. He eats, but today he threw up a few hours after. He started to have mucous in his poop as of the last litter visit. He yells before he throws up and before he poops. Its 11:15 at night and I don't know what to do!!!!!!!! I cooked up some chicken for him and gave him some little pieces with broth. I am going to the doctor in the morning, but is there anything I can do to help him now??? The other kitten is fine. What is going on???? I am so worried and starting to panic!
post #2 of 18 scary for you!!! I really do not know what to tell you except that I hope everything is ok for your little boy. I will keep him in my thoughts.

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Thanks Katie! I appreciate it. I can't stop crying. He seems so sorry looking. He just sits there curled up and is looking at his brother playing. He loves sitting on my shoulder like a little parrot. I know cats are very good at hiding their illnesses until its too late. I am afraid to go to sleep.
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Marley maybe this site will be helpful

Good luck
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Thanks Fern, I will check it out now.
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Marley how old is this kitten? Was he checked for parasites when you took him to the vet? Is there blood in his stool? Diarrhea is such a concern for the young ones because they can dehydrate quickly as well as when they vomit- so he is of great concern. Is there not an ER Clinic near you? It could be coccidia, or any number of problems. I would get this young one to a vet quickly.
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You need to give him Pedialyte, diluted half and half with water or if you don't have any you can make a home-made version. It's on the kitten rescue web site but click here for a direct link.

He is either having an adverse reaction to the vaccinations or has picked up something while he was at the vet. If you can, you might want to take him to an emergency vet clinic in your area tonight as he's been unwell for many days now.
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Marley, how is the little kitten doing. I do hope he is OK. Did you manage to get him to the vet?
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Oh, Marley, I am praying for your little one. Please let us know how he is today!
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Well, I am going to the vet this morning. He is more energetic today. However, he YELLS all the time while we prepare our breakfast (eggs) and as we sat down to eat, he keeps jumping on the table and stealing our food. My husband, against my advice, has given him some eggs (scrambled), and he ate them like there is no tomorrow. He keeps yelling for more. He is 12 weeks old. Its like kitty blackmale! He yells until we give him our food. Everytime we step in the kitchen he runs after us and yells at us. He weighs less then his brother. I will see what the vet has to say today. Thanks for all of your advice!
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I'm so relieved your baby is acting so much better today! You may also want to ask what your vet recommends as the best food for him right now! Please let us know how the appt goes!
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Thank you all so much for being so supportive! He is so emotional. He only wants to sleep or be in my lap or on my shoulder. My husband says its not normal behavior. That he is looking for human contact because he is not feeling well. I kinda agree with what happened yesterday. He yells a lot and only settles down when he lays down on my lap, chest, or shoulder. Then he quiets down and takes a cat nap. My poor baby!
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Good Luck Marley. Let us know how you get on.
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It is really great news that he is jumping up to get food. The fact that he want to eat and has energy are good signs. Please let us know what the Vet says. By the way what is this kittens name.

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The kittens names are Huck and Tom. Huck is the sicky. He eats better now, but still complains a lot. Doesn't play with his brother and sits kidna hunched up. So all this has me worried still. Ofcourse my vet isn't in today, only his partner. But at this point, I don't care. I will see anyone. Vet technician seems to think that he has an adverse reaction to the dewormer, and that he has diarreah because all the worms are dying and coming out of his stool. Which is why he has clear stuff coming out after he poops. I don't know. Its all very scarry and he is so little. And the fact that his brother didn't have this kind of a reaction makes me suspicious. So we will see. The fact that he is eating is good. I am watching him all the time and have to catch him going to the bathroom to see what his poop looks like today to take a sample to the vet with me. Eeeek!
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All is well! The kitten is better and is over the diareah. The vet gave him antibiotics and he is doing better. Now, the other one, his brother Tom, is going through the same thing. I think is viral. Hopefully the antibiotics will work for him too. Back to rice and chicken. Thanks for all of your help! What a wonderful forum! Marley
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What a relief! Please keep us posted!
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I'm SO GLAD to hear the problem seems to be under control. You're a good Mommy!
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