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Hi guys!

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Hi!!!! Sorry I haven't been around! My husband and I totally redid our house to refiance and get rid of our credit cards It was SUCH a project! Things are starting to settle back down!!!

How is everyone??
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HI girl , long time no see . I am glad things settle back down for you . We sure all missed you in here . There was even a thread about you being missed .
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awwwww I'm happy to know I was missed. Now I have to go find the thread! I really am sorry I disappeared, I couldn't catch my breath for about three months I was trying to do way to much at once! Hopefully things will get back to normal now.
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Val I'm so glad to see you on here again. I have been wondering what happened to you. How is Nimby and all the others?
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Everyone is doing good, expect moemoe who's ear looks like a balloon today! (post in health forum). Ashton is sooo well adjusted now. he cuddles with the other cats and doesn't run away when we walk up to him. Snowwhite still likes to keep to herself, she is a little couch potato!
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It is good to have you back!!
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Get your butt in here and stay awhile. It's really good to see you again! Hope Whiskers List is going well.
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Whisker's list was going soooo good for awhile! Right now I hardly have anything listed because I need alittle break But I should get it back up and running strong soon.
Nice to see you guys!
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Glad to see you back!
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Welcome Back Val!

I'm so glad you're back.. We missed you so much!!!!!!!!

*sprints off to Fur Pictures, praying that there's going to be some new pics of the gang*

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Glad you are back! Like to share some pics of your newly redone house?!
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I'll have to take some pics of the place! It looks so different, we didn't take many before pics and we really should have! Even though we are done, rich is supposed to be finshing part of the basement for a "cat room" They need more space to run around and play!
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Hey Val...... Long time no see !!
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Hey! Sounds like you've been very busy! Would love to see pics of the house!
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