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Hi guys! I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry I haven't been around, I'll post more in the lodge.
I need some help. I was giving all the cats there love and daily check ups (I check ears, noses, teeth and paws daily) and I noticed Moe Moe's ear is PUFFY! Is this an ER visit or a wait until monday thing? I'll post pics.

Since it has been awhile....
I have 12 kitties, inside ONLY. They are all fixed and not declawed. Nothing out of the normal has happened (no food switch, no new animals or cleaning products) that I can think off.
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He won't let me touch it, and he is acting "normal" But I'm really worried about him

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Could be a ear infection mabe ? I jus a cat with a ear infection and his ear was swollen too . I did not know till one day I notice he was kind of dizzy (sp) sometimes while walking , so I went to the vet .I hope Moe Moe is ok .

Good to see you around again
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I hope he is okay too I kind of want to take him to the ER. he is jumping around like normal. He let me look but will not let me touch it. I worry about my little fur balls so much!
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I hope it is not a ER situation for Moe Moe , I know it will cost more then normal . And why is it that our baby's get sick over the weekend any way ? It happens to me all the time if one gets sick
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Can you find any scabs or possible entrance wound points? It looks like it could be an abcess.
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Could it be a bite? From a bug or spider?
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I was thinking bug bite but I don't see anything. Not marks at all! Just looks so puffy. Rich wants to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse we will take him to the ER. I thought maybe one of the other cats bit him (which always makes me VERY nervous because snowwhite has FIV, and if she bit someone that would be bad! None of ours guys normally bite! )
I guess it is possible a bug got in the house and it bit poor moe
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A spider bite can do this to a cat , or a bee or something .
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I agree that it reminds me of an abcess...but without you being able to feel it at all, it's hard to say. An abcess is distinctive in that the swollen area will be firm and feel quite warm to the touch.

Poor guy Best wishes that all will be just fine,
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Val I vote abcess as well. The vet needs to see it and will probably lance it to drain it. He could have a bite somewhere close to his ear that you just aren't finding, or even down in his ear, has he been tussling with anyone? Plus I just looked at his picture again, I'm not sure because his eyes are so yellow, but it looks to me like this third eyelid is creeping over? I would take his temperature, and push fluids and get him in quickly if he were mine.
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He finally let me touch it. It feels like that is water in it. It's not really hard but kind of firm. It doesn't feel warm right now, but he was laying next to the fridge and that is cool so I'll have to check again later. he is rubbing his head on stuff like normal and doesn't act like it hurts. My poor little moe
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I'm going to go check in again!
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Okay, his eyelids look normal now, it feels smooshie like a water balloon? He doesn't feel dehydrated, but I think I'm going to have right take him to the ER.
Him and Marbles to get into it once in awhile so maybe marbles bit him?
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Here is a healthy moe pic, him and Neo both have very gold eyes

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