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Here's my Handsome boy!

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Isn't he the handsomest boy in the world? This is my cat Soloman. He will be 5 years old this July, but he doesn't look a day over 2! He is the best cat I could have ever hoped for, and he is the biggest mama's boy you will ever meet.
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Oh, and you can't tell in the picture, but he has the longest fluffiest black and grey striped tail...
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He is so so handsome
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He's a beauty!!!
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He is very handsome!
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He's gorgeous! He looks like a Turkish Van, is he?
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Oh how beautiful he is , no wonder you are in love with him
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He is handsome!!!
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what an adorable kitty you have
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He is stunning!
Thanks for sharing
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aw how majestic!!!!
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Ah yes, Soloman is very handsome
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GORGEOUS - what more can I say?
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Oh my, he is gorgeous! Oh, he looks so soft!
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Handsome, Regal, Stunning, I could go on. I'm in love
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Solomon is a beauty!

Lisa & Sash
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Awww... thanks everyone. I love it when people compliment my baby.

Dima - I have wondered that myself. Maybe he has a bit of Turkish Van in him, but he's mostly a mix of some sort.

I got him when I worked at a cat's only vet clinic. He was only a few days old - his mother had abandoned him, and some lady had found him in her wheelbarrow and said his crying was bothering her and she wanted him put down. We didn't even know if he was going to live - he was so tiny (0.4 pounds!), he had to be bottle-fed, and he had a lot of health problems in his kittenhood from being separated too young from his mother.

But he is doing really well now, and I am just so happy I have been able to have such a good boy!

Thanks everyone for your sweet replies.

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You definitely have a handsome boy..........what a sweetie!
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Oh, he is quite a striking man, I must agree. So striking that if you shared more pictures I wouldn't cry at all, I pretty promise.
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What a beautiful, beautiful cat.

And all the more so because you cared for him from such a teensy baby. His gratitude is evident in what you write. Thanks for taking care of him!!!!
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Awww he's a litttle beauty

And wouldn't it be easier for a lot of us if we could put people to sleep when they whine on about cats whining!!!!
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he is gorgeous.
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Thanks so much everyone!! You have made my day!
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