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Computer games - The Sims?

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I know some of you play computer games, so I thought I´d ask you for help in that area...

I have never played them, but am kindof curious to try. (Well, I have tried once for a few minutes together with my sister, and neither of us knew what to do...)

I decited I wanted to have a computer game, and I have the impression that The Sims is a fun game (please feel free to suggest other fun games as well!), BUT....there are many kinds of that game!!! (or many versions...)

Which version is a fun version??? Or do you recoment any other game?
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Oh, the Sims is definitely fun. The only games I have ever purchased are by the company that developed Sims, and The Sims is their ultimate. There are a whole lot of different modules, you can start with the basic one, and then add on if you get bored. I looooove playing Sims. And part of the reason is that it isn't like a competition, you don't have to race against the clock or anything. The fun is in seeing how it all develops.
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I'd recommend my game, but it's not ready yet. The Sims is pretty cool. I have 3 sisters who don't play games, each with different personalities and ages who got hooked on the sims for a short time. There are a lot of expansion packs, but you won't need them unless you become a rabid fan. You'll need the basic start up. When it first came out it was called "The Sims". Now it is called "The Sims: Deluxe Edition" and includes the "Livin' Large" expansion with it plus more, so it's a good deal. That's the one you want to look for. There are some cool graphic adventures I'd recommend such as Escape from Monkey Island but you're pretty much guaranteed an interesting experience from The Sims.
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I'm not a computer game person, but I absolutely love the Sims! (I also like SimCity, by the same people.) I recommend starting with the original one, too (actually you need the original one before adding any of the expansion packs.)

It can be very addictive...when I first got it, I played it until one in the morning and was starving because I didn't want to stop and eat! (And I muttered to myself that my hunger line was really red but my fun meter was really green!)
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Well, since I am in the Computer / IT field and I see this all the time here are my recommendations from each genre:
Simulators: The Sims (be sure that you are getting a full version and not an expansion pack), any sort of "____ Tycoon" depending on your interests

Sports: EA sports tends to have good games if you like sports, and chances are they make one for your favorite sport.

Online Multiplayers: City of Heroes, Unreal Tournament 2004, Battlefield 1942,

Theory and Thinking Games: Anything from the MYST series.

What I am currently playing: City of Heroes, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Tiger Woods 2004.
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I liked the Sims, particularly building their homes and buying stuff for them. I didn't get hooked though. Only played 2-3 story lines and had enough. After that I just used cheat codes to get them tons of money and play around building fancy homes and watch the little people clap their hands with awe

My favorites are multiplayer real time strategy games. Warcraft 2, Starcraft and the latest Warcraft 3. Now, those are addictive. I don't get to play them at all since Dan was born - too difficult to find time nowdays. I did play one game against my brother-in-law a few weeks ago and won big time hehehe.... I am second only to hubby when it comes to tearning apart my enemies
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hi there!

I absolutely love the sims and add ons. I have all the expansions but no real firm favourite, I enjoy them all. I have been trying to get my hands on the sims online but so far no luck. I am really looking forward to The Sims 2 as well as Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, as both are 3d. Yay!

I would recommend (spl?) that you start off with the original Sims and decide on how you want to develop the game. There are many expansions to pick of and as far as I know you don't need one first to get to the other. The only thing you ultimately "need" is the original The Sims.

A lot of fun though!
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Wait for Halflife 2 and Doom 3 to come out. Those will be really great games. Just make sure your system is fast enough to handle them. I hear Thief 3 is also pretty good. Hmmm... Age of Mythology is pretty fun.... Battlefield: Vietnam sucks... mabye Lineage 2?
Anyway, just some suggestions...

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I started the Sims (after getting out of the online game of Neopets) around Christmas. I started with Sims Deluxe and moved to the one where you can have pets and then to Vacation. Just a word of warning, they need to be installed in ORDER of release otherwise you will have to reinstall them. UGH.

I like the Sims (building homes is great!!), but it gets tricky, I think, when you have multiple people/pets in a home and you have to control them all! I have yet to do that since it can be hard enough to keep up with one person!
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I agree with the others that the Sims is a fun game. It is also quite addicting. I would spend hours infront of the computer and forget the world! I stopped when my desktop started breaking down. So now I'm sort of out of it although I enjoy the online game of Final Fantasy 11 (using the laptop)
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I played the Sims when it first came out on the PC, interesting and weird at the same time, atleast for me. I've been seeing screen shots of the Sims 2 but I hope the PC version won't be dumbed down thanks to them wanting to port the consoles. The most addicting game I have ever played though was Alpha Centauri... 8 hours felt like 2 hours... Just ask Heidi

Games I have currently been playing are Call of Duty (AWESOME game) and Far Cry, which my favorite and on top of that, *THE* breakthrough hit of the year, and darn cutting edge for what the game is. Very, very realistic and a great storyline, but the ending was lacking, but what else is new lately on some of the games. Fantastic game.
Heidi keeps telling me to turn it down
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As an entry level simulation game, you might enjoy Theme Park World. It's like the Sims but not quite as complicated and will get you into the groove of sim games.
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I completely love the Sims and have all the expansion packs. Very much fun. I tried the Sims On-line and didn't like it, I found it difficult to find anyone else on-line and you "learn" skills faster if you study with others. I'm waiting impatiently for the Sims2.

I also like the Zoo Tycoon Series next on my list for Sims Games is to try Mall Tycoon or perhaps Rollercoaster Tycoon.
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The Sims is extremely addicting. I bought the Sims a couple years ago and still find interest in it. I've also played the Playstation versions and they're ok, but I prefer PC versions. I absolutely cannot wait until the Sims 2 hits the stores on September 17, 2004!!! I also liked Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen and No one Lives Forever 2.
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Just a footnote regarding the Star Trek franchise, don't expect any more games regarding the ST universe. Activision either dropped or lost the license for the series. I just wish there were more of the Original series made, not the newer ones (Voyager, TNG, DS9).
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Hey I remember ST: DS9! It was fun to play as Sisco. Hey Arg0, have you looked into Soldner at all? Looks like it could be fun, but people are saying it sucks.

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Originally Posted by Cougar
Hey I remember ST: DS9! It was fun to play as Sisco. Hey Arg0, have you looked into Soldner at all? Looks like it could be fun, but people are saying it sucks.


I haven't played it, but just reading out it, it looks like another Battlefield, counterstrike ripoff. Atleast thats what I am seeing in the game. I'm not into those types of the multiplayer shooters. I like playing the AI and the hunt, like FryCry, which imho is the game of the year, atleast until Half-Life and Doom 3 comes out *drool*
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Far Cry is amazing. The AI is so intelligent and the graphics are amazing. I have been playing it at work.
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