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My Heart is Heavy

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My heart is heavy in light of the recent tragedy that has struck our nation. So I come to the Cat Site to lighten my heart. Surely a group of people who love cats, having that warm and wonderful connection with each other will be uplifting to one another. But bickering, accusations, and presumptions run through some of the threads, and again....my heart is heavy.

I have avoided posting anything controvercial for fear of having my heart trampled on like many other hearts have been trampled on. Today I speak out...because I have to. I don`t mean to point the finger at any one person...or group of persons. I don`t mean to trample on any hearts as I speak my piece, I only want to ask you....no, beg you to all stop. Lets all just accept each other as we are. We are all just names on a screen. Some friends, some lovers,some family, some just aquaintances...but all names on a screen. Each name on the screen represents a very special person...multifacited like a diamond, and just as unique. Each person has their own way of thinking and expressing themselves. When I look at my moniter I see the words these people type. I don`t see their facial expressions,body language, or hear their inflections of speech, which can very easily change the whole meaning of a statement. I don`t KNOW the person. I don`t know their sense of humor...when they`te being synical, joking or are dead serious. I do know that people are having their feelings hurt and responding out of their hurt and anger...and so on....and so on...and so on... Please, can we try to stop the cycle?
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I too have refrained from posting lately because I feel that my views on a lot of these topics would not be tolerated well. I was out sick last week and then my computer died, and when I got back on line, it was chaos on the boards. I was very disappointed and saddened.

Thank you Tiggeytoes for your sentiments. They match mine exactly.
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I completely agree with both of you. I am "afraid" to post anything at all that may be interpreted as controversial, so I have kept all thoughts, ideas, opinions, and views to myself. I find a lot of great information on these boards when it comes to the cat subject, but all other subjects are of absolutely NO interest for me anymore. I will continue to come here when I have questions about my kitties, but I have been avoiding the cat lounge, and I will continue to do so. So sad, in times like these, you would think people would stop being so petty and get their priorities in order.
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Tiggeytoes, Dawn, and Daniela; I have not posted much of anything for the last two days and when I come on to post to a thread that I started; I find that it has been closed (with good reason) because of members who refused to heed what I was saying and :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:ised said thread for their own purposes. Please let the closing of this thread signal an end to the bickering. I have had enough and I, too, will avoid The Lounge until a "cease fire" is activated. Tiggey, Dawn, and Daniela; I share your sentiments and heavy hearts. . . . . .

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Tiggeytoes, what you said was so true, and I hope we can all just start fresh, and make peace around here. There are so many good people here. I too, am now making a point of being more careful of what I say or do around here, becuase I don't want to step on anyones toes, but it is hard to monitor everything we say, and sometimes we may accidentally hurt feelings, but I think if everyone tries, we can avoid ever having such a battle as we have been here lately.
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Thankfully,I was otherwise occupied last week and didn't get involved this time. But I do understand the reluctance that you feel about posting lately. It is so hard to put emotions into words at the best of times and with the events and strain of the past few days misunderstandings are all too easy. Those pent up feelings can overflow on us and make us say things we don't really mean.

Please people...can't you all see the end results of anger and hatred in New York?? Look away for a moment from the destruction and the terrorists and look at the rescue efforts. There are all sorts of people in there digging and volunteering to help. We even had some fire and rescue crews from here go down with others standing by if needed. There are no egos in those piles of rubble...why are they here??

This is Anne's site if it belongs to anyone..her home if you will..and she has graciously invited us to come in. I thank her very much for that. But we need to remember that we all have a common bond here in our love for our cats. We should be using that bond to draw closer together;especially in these trying days. Concentrate on our similarities and build from there. That's how Barbara and I met and see what came of that?? Computers and cats...who would have thought. Love is MUUUUUCH better than fighting.
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