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And after clicking on some of the links - my question is: Did anyone use spell check on the actual links pages? Instillition gerble .... And - NO g. pig. is my vote
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Originally Posted by hissy
turtlecat your post made me giggle- thanks I needed the smiles. The part about why is that little fella by himself, do his friends not like him?

Both Anne and I have pretty big monitors, we need to remember that others have smaller screens and perhaps can't tell what that tiny animal is?
:P I have a 21 inch monitor, but I have it at 1900 x1600 DPI
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Definitely the second one with the guinea pig over to ther right. Could another small animal maybe sit with the guinea pig so he doesn't look so alone? and maybe he could face the other animals? Just a little thought...

You are such a talented writer, MA, but honestly, I believe this work could use a little proofreading!
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Thanks for the feedback everyone!!! Very much appreciated!

Everything in the old site - design as well as content - is going to change. It's actually the first project of our new web development venture - 4netneeds.com (no need to check the website - it's not there yet, as we're far to busy to build our own website ). We're going to offer web design/development, content etc.

Denise, which browser/os are you using? I've tested the design in 5-6 browsers. It is optimized for Explorer 5.5 and above, but looks ok in most others as well (though not 100% the same as in Explorer 6). I only noticed a slight movement of that left piece in Mozilla, I wonder if that's the one you're using. It is a very slight shift and I'm afraid it'll have to stay that way, because I think fixing it means users of the more popular browsers will see a distortion.

Thanks again for all your feedback people!
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there are ways to not have a distortion but to be honest I think it's all my resolution mods. I may have my text all on medium size, but to see it on this resolution, it has to be set in the OS preferences as Gi-normous. I just looked on another machine and it looks fibne. However, I will advise that there will be distortions for anyone that diddles their fontsizes off. Sorry I didn't think about it being me, lol I always forget that I've fiddled everything.
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I'll have another look at the font size - there's a way to set it up that will stop users from changing it I thought I had used it for the menus - I'll have another look. Thanks!
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Is it too late to vote? I vote for no guinea pig. I was thinking along the lines of Denise-the poor thing got lost on the way to the website.
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Flipped guinea pig version here -

And Denise, I fixed the problem with the image that moved. It was just a matter of getting rid of an invisible space between the images. You can change the font size to your heart's content now and it's not supposed to move anymore. Thanks for pointing that out to me!
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Originally Posted by Catfur
No, I am pretty sure that is real Latin, which means somebody had entirely too much time on their hands.
Dear Catfur,
I was only joking about the Pig Latin. That's why I had the silly face jumping and acting foolish.

I didn't know web designers used a dead language to fill up dead space. Pretty cool!

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