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what happens now??

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Well, everyone agrees that my little babyRage is... with... uh, kitten, and kitten, and kitten... So then what do i do now?

She is getting along with Myth again, but Myth meows at me when ever I say Rage's name. She seems like she is trying to be friends with Mystyc now also, but Mystyc wants nothing to do with Rage.

With the two other cats (both fem/fixed) what do I do? Do I lock Rage in the master bedroom while I'm not home so she is safe? Do I just leave everyone where they are, and hope they don't fight? Will they try to hurt her babies? But she is still so small. Like a 6mo old cat. I got her pic taken when she was 6 months old, and she doens't look like she's grown at all since that pic.

Right now, as I am typing, she is cleaning my hands, licking them a little raw in parts. Now she tried to lick my lips, that is soooooo not like her. lol

I'm so scared for my babygirl. She is 3. She is grown up. But she's still my baby. She looks at me all sad, and meows at me. Is there anything I can do to make her comfy? Since she won't leave my sight, I've made soft little beds all over the house so that she will rest while I am unpacking, otherwise she will just follow me, get under foot, and whine. Should I put multiple food/water dishes all over so she will eat too? She doesn't seem like she's eating much while I am arount.

I've never had kittens before, this is all completely new. I sure hope she is okay. My dad's girlfriend says that she thinks that MyRage is too small to have kittens, and that she will have a very hard labor. She thinks that her babies might not make it, or that she... well... I don't wanna say it. My dad's girlfriend's daughter had a cat like MyRage, a little bigger than my baby, but same fur, same fluffy tail, same thin, skinny body, and she had lots of littlers of kittens, Mystyc was the calico from her first litter. The only calico she had. I would love for MyRage to throw a calico.

help... I'm scared. Is there a better kitten food to feed, I was debating between Iams, ucanuba, or science diet. any suggestions? I've been giving her some canned Iams kitten food every day, as much as she wants, wich is only 1/8 of the can. I want my babyRage to be healthy.

thanks... I feel like a first time mom (I can't have kids myself, but my cats are my babies, and to see one going through this, her first litter... ???)

well, thankyou all... I'm just pretty nervous and scared. I want everything to go well. I know that toms have been known to kill kittens, what about other female cats living in the same house? I've also got pics of Rage before she escaped, and some I took yesterday, is there a place where i can post them so I can show the difference, or lack of difference in her size?

well, thanks again,
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Hi, My feral cat snowwhite had three kittens last year (we kepted all of them).
She is a small framed cat, and had many kittens in the wild before we caught her. We kept her in a LARGE dog crate until she had the babies, and then they all stayed in there until the babies started to walk. She was in a seperate room so the other cat couldn't not bother her.
After the little ones started walking, we put them in a room but still kept them away form the other cats.
We introduced the other kitties to the kittens when they were around 9 weeks old.
So if you think she is getting close to having them I would keep her in a private area with food, water, and a "nest" to have the babies in.
Some signs she is close:
Check her nipples and see if they are pink and puffy
If she is cleaning her self alot "down there"
Snowwhite meowed and meowed the night before she had them. She sang almost all night. So alot of meowing is another sign.
Keep a close eye on her, make sure that your vet knows she is going to have them soon. If you can not get ahold of your normal vet after hours make sure that you have a vet ER number to call incase something does go wrong.
Have some KMR and bottles handy incase the new mom doesn't want to nurse. Hopefully she will clean the kittens and nurse them right away. but if she doesn't you are going to have to stay in. Kittens need to be kepted warm and well feed. Have a heat source and therometer handy if you did need to keep the kittens warm, but hopefully you won't have to worry about any of that.

For food I feed snowwhite max cat kitten. She really liked it, she also enjoyed the max cat canned food. I have her whiskers cat milk and alittle KMR. She had three healthy adorable all white babies!

If you have any questions feel free to email me val@princesspurr.com. I'm not a pro at this but i have done it before

Also make sure you have a camera ready, they grow up so FAST and you are going to to look back and see how tiny they are!

Do you know who the daddy is?

I'll save the lecture on "how important it is to fix your cats before they get pregant" after the kittens are born, promise!
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Oh, andddd you can post pics in fur pictures or in this thread since it is about her having babies.
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Dog crate... as in large animal carrier?? HMMMMmmmmmm..... I have three carriers, I used to have 6 ferrets. I only had 4 at a time though. But I have one very large carrier, and two smaller ones, and it NEVER dawned on me to try using those!! GREAT IDEA!

I have a suspician who the father is, or might be. There was a siamese who she met very first I am sure, he was hanging around our back door before she got out. Then there was a grey male who was rather large, he and a white/tan/brown tabby were following her around like ... ducklings follow their mom. When I cought her the grey one acted like he was going to attack me. I have pics of them, but all are dark and hard to make out.

I've got my cam ready for everything. I've got a dig-cam that takes silent videos as well. I can't wait.

I have been checking her tummy for her little nipples, they are slightly bigger, and slightly pink. I am waiting to see her start producing milk. I am also watching her hind end. Looking for dried blood, or dried fluid of some sort, or even just for her to be wet there. We've been keeping her in the master bedroom when I am gone. she won't seperate herself from me at all if I am home.

I appreciate no lecture on spaying her. It is a very very long story why it hadn't happened yet. A long selfish story. She is such a beautiful girl, I NEEDED her to have one litter before she got fixed. But then we decided against getting her mated because Legolas (beautiful white male, long haired feline, not fixed, sweeeeet temperment, very loving, and beautiful sky blue eyes. same fluffy tail as hers and everything) dissappeared. He was my stray male I addopted for that purpose. They loved each other from the first day they met. Then he was gone. I would like to think a family found him, thought he was the most beautiful cat in the world, and took him home.

Afterwards... to make a long story short, my husband and I ended up supporting my little bro, and dad for a while, and the money to fix her kept ended up going to rent/electricity/food, and gass for a car. However, I never went to some grocerystore brand of cat food, they have always ate what I felt was better for them.

She escaped the first house my hubby and I lived in ALONE in 4 and a half years. Like... a week before she was going to the vet to get vaccinated and fixed or I don't know how to feel about it yet.

Fixing will happen soon though. She just seems miserable, and confused. I feel so horrible for letting this happen, actually for wanting it to happen .
I really hope all goes well for her. She's my babygirl. She loves me to hold her, and carry her around. She used to kneed us every night when we went to bed. Unless she got disciplined for something, wich isn't normal. We always called it tucking us in.

Well, thanks for the idea and the signs. I am still nervous about the whole deal though
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how do i post pics?
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Originally Posted by MyRage
how do i post pics?
You can do it one of two ways:

1) Instead of clicking "Reply" click "Quote and reply" and you'll be taken to the advanced mode where you can click the little picture icon and type in the URL to your image.

2) When you click "Reply" and it takes you to the reply box, click "Go Advanced" which will take you to the advanced mode.

Of course, this will still mean that you have to have your images posted somewhere on the web.
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I was really nervous with snowwhite too, but she had had so many litter out in the woods that she was pretty under control. Just try to do as much reading as you can on the net and be ready if you have to step in and help. We got snowwhite fixed about 12 weeks after she had the babies. That gave her time to recover from nursing and giving birth. Hopefully everything will go smooth and she will have a small litter. I understand how you feel about wanting her to have one litter. After I get my cats fixed I'm always kind of sad that they didn't have any babies. Especially my big white boy nimbus! But I know that it is best.
Good luck! If you need anything help just give me an email
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thankyou DiMa. I don't have any pics of my cats on the net, so I can't post them here? I did make webpages for all my cats here though, but I don't think they are up yet. Mystyc, Myth, and MyRage.

thankyou Princess Purr, I emailed you pics of her before she escaped, and from three days ago. I see no difference in her at all, but I see her every day.

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