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protective brother...

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Cedar and I were having a bit of a play this afternoon when I discovered that his nails were a little to sharp for my liking (or my furnitures liking!!) so off we went to the kitchen for a little bit of nail trimming!!

Now I CAN NOT cut Tipsy's nails as he goes into a mad panic - (he has to go to the groomers for his and they sometimes struggle...) hmm back to the point!! ... anyway I had Cedar on the bench and he was being a real gentleman and not complaining at all (well not too much) ....

ahhhhh and then along comes big brother - he jumps on the bench, sees what I am doing and continues to give me a little bite on the arm...

what a protective brother he is

I actually couldnt say anything to Tipsy for biting me as I was too busy giving him a hug saying how proud he makes me for looking after his brother
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That's so sweet of Tipsy to protect Cedar from the big bad nail clippers!
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awww, thats sooo sweet
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Awww that's so cute that he was protecting his brother
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That is so sweet! Did you get to finish the nail clipping?
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Brotherly love, you can't beat it.
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Tanya - No I didnt

seriously gotta love them
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aww how sweet!
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That is cute!
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That's cute! He can sympathize with his brother's "plight"!
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Last night I was closing the bathroom door and accidently got Cedars tail caught in the door as I was closing it - of cause he screamed - and all his fur went straight up
Tipsy came running up - looked at Cedar - looked at me as if to say "what have you done" and then went off to Cedar and started licking him.
Tipsy followed him around for an hour after that just to make sure he was okay...

my heart melts to see this 2 getting along so famously
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awwww.. that's so sweet...
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Awwwww that's so sweet

And bad mum for catching Cedars tails!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
And bad mum for catching Cedars tails!
I KNOW Susan - I felt awful!!!!! but you know what they can be like - always under your feet and never knowing where they are... poor little fella
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I know Danielle, it's so easy done. Sophie is exactly like Rosie when it comes to following me around. She can be fast asleep one minute, then if i creep out the room quietly to go upstairs to the bathroom she's behind me, i swung the bathroom door to shut one day and i just managed to grab it when i saw the front half of her body about to get wedged

I know your not a bad mum really
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I know your not a bad mum really
I try - we can only do our best cant we
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