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When you look it up in "Webster's"
It means to "form a whole."
United, we stand together,
Not one of us remains alone.
The rubble now forms the tower
That once made the New York horizon strong
The terrorists thought they stripped our power
They are about to find out they were wrong.

The sky has rained smoke and ashes.
The ground is now chalky white.
There are faces with bloody gashes,
But Americans are ready to fight.

The blood of the fallen soaks the land,
Our hearts are heavy with tears
Soon their blood will soak the sand,
It's a threat that is sincere.

So watch out you Evil Presence.
We are preparing to wipe you away.
Not one tear will be shed in sorrow
We'll raise our flags and we'll shout "HOORAY!"

-Mary Anne-
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I appreciate the sentiment of your poem and your use of words! For me, however, as long as the Empire State building stands I'll not consider New York city's skyline as anything but strong. The Empire State building was built during the Great Depression as a beacon of hope, whereas the World Trade Center was built as a symbol of current wealth. I'll take hope any day, as the genuine embodiment of a strength which cannot be conquered; and thus New York city, the city of my birth, shall forever remain strong in my mind.

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That was wonderful! Have you ever thought of submitting some of your writings? I think you should give it some thought.

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