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Loss of Appetite, Faster breathing...

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Recently my cat, Xodus, has lost her appetite compared to what she usually eats. Also, i've noticed that she has been breathing a bit faster than normally.

Xodus is about 5 months old now, if that.

Usually she is very active, but recently, within the past 3-4 days, she has been sleeping a lot more and not very energetic, compared to normal.

Her behaviour changed between the time I went to bed one night, to the time I woke up the next morning.

I was thinking that maybe this is some sort of sign of her growing up and going through cat puberty, if I can use that terminology, and she is having a bit of trouble since she may be growing up quicker than normal.

Has anyone seen any cases similar to this one? And if so, perhaps, you could provide me with some sort of recommendations and/or advice.

Thanx in Advance!

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Aidan, the symptoms you describe are part of so many different kitty illnesses that I'd recommend you take Xodus to a vet as soon as possible. These are not a normal part of a kitten growing up and it really does sound like she's ill.
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I would agree with Kumbulu. It could be anything really and honestly I would be surprised IF it turned out to be minor. You really need to get this kitten to the vet.
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just want to warn you those are syptoms of anemia which my cat recently had, if you suspect your cat has paler gums, nose, or toe-pads, (lighter pink than usual) please take your cat to the vet asap, anemia can be really serious!
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I took Xodus to the vet today and could only get a basic checkup as I called in with such short notice.

The Vet said that Xodus was constipated and he had to give her an aenima. He also recommended that I start feeding Xodus some Gerber baby food to keep her fiber levels high and prevent further constipation.

Xodus still seems to be breathing fast, however, she does seem to have more energy and she is acting happier. Her appetite is still pretty low and, occasionally, she will take a few licks of her Gerber food.

I normally feed her Fancy Feast soft food and she really loves the stuff. Lately, she will only lick it and will not take any bites.

I plan on arranging a full checkup for Xodus ASAP but, unfortunately, there is a waiting period.

I will keep my eyes on her and let you guys know the latest. Thank you for your help and, once again, any advice is muchly appreciated.

Thank you!


Cookie: Your cat, Leo, could pass as one of Xodus' siblings very easily. They look almost indentical!
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Is there another vet you can get her in to see before your vet....this sounds very serious and shouldn't wait.

You may want to look into another vet.
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