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Why do my babies always get sick on a Friday night?

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I'm in a rural area, and our one vet in town isn't open on the weekend, except as a special emergency call. Neither are the vets in the neighboring towns. So guess what? Last Friday night Purdy vomited. He had been treated twice previously for worms, and I suspected maybe he still had them or got them again. But I thought I'd wait until Monday, since it didn't seem to be any emergency. Well, all week long the only time he vomited inside included a huge hairball with the food, so I thought maybe he'd been trying to get one up last Friday but managed to only get the food up. (Of course he spends part of his day outside, so he could have vomited out in the woods without me knowing.) So guess what? Tonight he has diarrhea. That, too, could be a sign the worms are back. But why oh why do things like this always seem to happen on Friday nights?

Anyone else have this problem regularly?
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I can sympathise with you there. If one of my kittens is going to have a major crisis, it's almost always at 3am. There is only one emergency vet here and whoa, do they charge lots for their after-hours emergency clinic. They try to give me a break as these are rescued kittens but nothing like my regular vet does.
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Not kitties, but as the weekend night private duty pediatric nurse, I find so often that the child who has been so stable everyday of the week will suddenly become terribly ill around 9 pm Fri night. What might could be handled until morning certainly wouldn't wait until Monday, so the only option is heading straight to the ER!
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isn't that just the way? though, I point out that when I get sick, it's always when I have to arrange the billing for work and I hate billing.. but this means that we end up way late by the time I'm well enough that I won't be sick.
It's sorta like.. (and this will seem cold) My gramma died on a Sunday morning...
Which was nice, in that we were all home, but it was a holiday weekend, so everything was closed. So she had to spend the majority of sunday as a corpse in our house.. (6 hours) because for the life of us we couldn't get anyone to put her in a nice long freezer with a toe tag. we'll just say it was a trying time, but mostly I think for the corpse without a home. :/

Err.. sorry to be creepy.. I was just relating?
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Well, phooey! There is a strong possibility that Purdy did have diarrhea when he was outside. I just came back from working in the yard a bit, and noticed that I had stepped in a large amount of yuck. (Thankfully, I had on my garden boots.) So I'm keeping him in the rest of the weekend to monitor the situation. Now I'm going to have to put up with repeated scratching on the glass slider and whining telling me that he wants OUT. Oh, what fun. NOT!
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I think it goes in waves. I had years where the cats always seemed to show symptoms right as a holiday starts (Thanksgiving or the like) or we're about to go on vacation. I suppose it happens because I have a little more time to monitor them then and so I notice things that I might have ignored before? It's really inconvenient and twice as stressful though. We do have an emergency vet but I hate going there. They don't have a very good bedside manner.

How's Purdy doing?

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