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How High's the Water Mama?

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Five feet high and rising.

Oshkosh flooded this morning (not too bad) alot of streets in town were flooded out and apparently several hundred basments are flooded out. And now there is another line of thunderstorms headed our way and we are under another Flood Warning! Pray nobody gets hurt (my condo is up out of the usual flood area).
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Not a good year weather-wise for many people. Hope the rain stops soon for you.
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I was here during hurricane Floyd and know how horrible these floods can be. I'm so glad you are out of the flood zone. Prayers for the unfortunate people who are not. Go away, rain!
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OMG how aweful , I hope everybody will be save from the flood

I will say a prayer for all in that area
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I'll keep you and everyone in your area in my prayers.
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Well, it rained again last night, but no bad flooding this time. Whew!
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Hi Catfur, I have a family member living in Manitowac WI. I was wondering if you knew what the conditions were like in that town?

P.S. I saw those flooded streets on the Weather Channel this morning.
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Manitowoc county is under a flood watch right now, but there hasn't been any flooding there that I know of. The only flooding I know about has been in Oshkosh, Fon du Lac and Washaura Cty.

BTW: We got almost four inches of rain in total yesterday, and an inch on Thursday.
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That's a lot of H2o I hope that you and all of the town will be safe.
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Thanks for the information!
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Praying that everyone there is safe.
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While I am sure that there is a lot of water damage and collapsed basements, nobody seems to be hurt. When it floods here it just kind of turns into a lake, no rushing rivers carrying people away (usually).
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