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Who you calling unladylike?

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hehehehehehehehehehe I LOVE IT! Zoey does this all the time and I think the same thing!
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sooo cute!! love the pose!!!!
post #4 of 17 true.......what a lady. Petals and Trixie do that all the time..........
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It must be great to have no inhibitions.
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That looks like your baby got caught on candid camera LOL cute
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What a great shot!
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hahaha what a great photo!!!

I just love it!!!
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I'm trying to read upside down what's on the box behind her.
The Art of Imagery ... appropriate
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aww... She just wants some privacy whilist she bathes
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love that two boys do it all the time...
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And she just looks at you like, HA! You're just jealous!
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Hehehe cute, she reminds me of Baby Girl!!!
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Awww thats sooo cute though!.

Rosie will lie all neat and curled up in a ball. Sophie on the other hand has no standards and lies exactly the same as that for all the world to see!
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My favorite is when Charlotte's in full play mode and is running around the room. Next thing you know, she stops to groom herself. Yes, very lady like is what I also say. It really makes me laugh when the back leg goes straight up!!

I also never thought I'd get the opportunity to share Charlotte's lady like behavior... but here's a snapshot. It was taken over 6 months ago.

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Uh oh Katie watch out! She does not look happy that you have taken that picture of her, that look is like Mom put that thing away! And now you have posted it for us cat lovers all over the world to see. When she finds this out there will be revenge
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