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crying kitten

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We have 5 littermates that we just trapped on Tuesday. (see the 'Help' thread). One of them, a tortie/calico crys loudly at night. I know they miss their mama, and we just trapped mama last night, but are there any suggestions to calm her down? All 5 kittens are together, so she's not isolated. We tried a stuffed animal in the cage and that seemed to help a little. They really like the calming sound of the washing machine, but I can't was clothes all night. They are approx. 10-11 weeks old and this is the only female in the litter. I know torties and calicos are by nature more skittish, but she's the only one who hisses at me and doesn't like it when I touch her. (hopefully she'll get over it). The boys are just fine. They enjoy a good scratch and petting, although not all of them like to be picked up yet.
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I'm sure Tania or MA will be on shortly..they are our "kitten" experts. You could also send a PM to Kumbula (Tania) or Hissy (MA).

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If you have a battery powered alarm clock that ticks loudly- wrap it in a sock and stuff it in under the bedding, it duplicates the mother's heart. Make sure the kittens are warm enough, and not in drafts. I would feed the little girl some kitten glop you can find the recipe on www.kitten-rescue.com as she could just be hungry. Also playing classical music on really low will work as well. Burn a night light to give her some comfort or make a pouch potato and wear her close to your heart

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