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The best thing I've ever done!

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One of the best things I've ever done is the trapping and patient winning-over of my best kitty-friend, Emma. She started hanging out in our garage last summer. Once I got a good look at her and saw how tiny she was I knew something had to be done. I purchased a trap and after several unsuccessful tries was able to get her. She was so tiny she kept escaping. I had to watch the trap and hope that I was around the instant it was sprung.

My husband took her to the vet. We had two names picked out - Emma and Simon. When he brought her back home he announced, "Come and meet Emma." Her kitty AIDS test came back negative and other than a few paracites she was fine. Into the house, and our lives, she came - a very pretty and very scared grey-striped kitty, about 8 weeks of age.

Now the hard part began, the winning of her trust. She and Mac, my son's cat, slowly warmed to each other. But anytime we humans were around she was under the bed. It took almost three months of her being around us and gentle coaxing before she'd let me touch her. Even now the only place she feels truly secure when being petted is the bed. If you swoop down on her too quickly outside of the bedroom she bolts. But three longs months of patience has been rewarded with the sweet love of a sweet kitty.

Emma is now 1 and she and I are good friends. I can't look at her without smiling and remarking to her about how pretty and sweet she is. I wonder about how she came to be in our garage and about her mom. She came to us just as my absolute best cat friend of all time, Katie, was slipping away due to kidney disease. Sometimes I think Emma must have come straight from heaven because she was a welcome discraction during the grief period that came when Katie passed.

Emma and Mac are big buddies and play hard during their morning exercise time. Mac has been a good "big brother" and has taught Emma what it means to be a cat. Mac came to us as a stray, as did Katie. I feel that it is a very special thing when a cat chooses to live with you. I'm very glad and thankful that Emma chose to live with me.
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Welcome to the site..what a great story!!

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