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what is my cat telling me?

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Hi, I have 3 female felines, one calico, Mystyc, 6. A white feline named Myth, 5, and a tortie named MyRage(mirage), 3. Mystyc was my first kitten. She lived in the upstairs of my parents house, while me Myth, and MyRage lived in the basement. Recently (beginning of april) we moved into our own house. When we moved, Mystyc moved with us. Myth and Mystyc had been friends when they were younger, so I didn't think that there would be a huge problem between them. Rage on the other hand, had met Mystyc a few times though the door that seperated the downstairs from the upstairs, and on ocasion met Mystyc face to face when she escaped the downstairs a couple times.

Myth and Mystyc are both fixed. Rage on the other hand is not. About a week after we moved, (April 20th, we were having a Lan/Housewarming party)Rage managed to slip out the door when one of our friends hesitated. She was near the end of her heat cycle. She spent about 8 hours outside that night. She had found two toms who followed her everywhere she went. then there was one tom who hung out with us and made friends with us.

Eventually when I finally got her, she was sitting on a fence post with one tom right under her, when I reached for her, his ears went back, he bared his teeth, and started grwoling. I distracted him, and her, by throwing cat treats on the ground by them, and snagged her. The tom was more interested in the treats after that.

after we got her into the house, she avoided me for a couple days, wouldn't have anything at all to do with me. She kept hiding, and crawling into drawers, behind stuff, under stuff. She wouldn't come when I called her, she didn't want me to hold her or anything.

Mystyc and MyRage had just started becoming friends when we were forced to move again. So we moved, and all three cats got stressed. it's been over a week that we have lived in this house. All cats are acting prettymuch normal except for Rage. She suddenly started chasing Mystyc away, (Mystyc is the dominant cat, never backs down from a fight) and Mystyc actually runs away. She even started hissing and growling at Myth.

She's not being herself. She is now following me around, wanting me to rub her tummy (she always hated her tummy touched) when I touch her tummy now she licks me. She also is crawling into my drawers, whining, and not leaving my sight. She cleans herself all the time, almost anytime she sits down, or lays down. She purrs when ever i touch her. she won't let me leave her sight. She isn't playful anymore. I am worried.

She just meows at me, and looks at me. Like she expects me to know what to do, I am lost. I want to make everything good for her, but I don't know what to do.

This is the problem, she is about the size of a 6 month old. She is also very thin. We always joked about her worrying about her girlish figure, cuz she always felt anerexic, but she has always ate a lot, and been really active. She doesn't feel or seem any bigger. She looks exactly the same, she feels thick, but not fat. She feels heavier, but seems just as skinny as always. I've got a box set up with an old dark sheet in it. She's got two beds set up, one higher than the other, both are cave like. She has her own food, water, and pottybox in the master bath (her box and beds are in the master bedroom). If she has kittens we've got four of them placed, with friends that I know and trust. So many of our friends have begged us for one of her kittens way before she ever escaped and met the three toms.

Is it possible that she could be having a false pregnancy? Is there a way to tell real from false? If it were false, what could i do to make her happier? She is protecting me, bathing me, and wanting to be near me all the time.

thanks for reading, and any thoughts. I know that she, they are all stressed, but she's acting weird.
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It sounds like she is pregnant to me. Your best bet is to take her to a vet who could tell you for sure.
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I concur. She's probably preggo. Take her to the vet and find out.
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If you need a third opinion, I also believe your cat is pregnant and a vet check is in order-
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Whether she is or isn't, I think a vet checkup would be advisable to discern what her odd behaviour is about.
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She went to the vet about three or four days after she got out. The vet said that she felt babies, but I really didn't believe that, especially that early. I wish i could take her to the vet right now, but coming up with first/last months rent and deposits twice in a month and a half, we are kinda... tight on money. But... all will be better soon.

thanks, three people all feeling the same, but she's so tiny. She doesn't look like she has changed at all. She looks the same, can I post before she escaped, and now pictures somewhere? lol.

thanks MybabyRage will be a great mama I know for sure.
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