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on the doorstep

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I just wandered in. You've got room for one more right?!

Hello all!

I've just joined here. What a busy place! I've participated in cat forums before but they all disappeared a few years ago and I've taken a break (anyone here ever post at Acme's Cat Window or the old Cat Fancy forums before they requried a login??). I've missed hanging out virtually with cat lovers. (Do declawing, breeding and indoor/outdoor topics still cause huge flaming debates? )

I live in Wisconsin with four wonderful cats that I love very much. This week we are adjusting to a new reality with Mimosa. She had surgery on monday to remove one eye. Yikes! I had hoped it wouldn't be necessary but I'm glad it went well. She looks a little like she's visited the frankenstein castle with the facial stitches but everyone at the vet says she looks great (in other words she's recovering very well thank heavens). It's a rough adjustment for us because she was always so beautiful.

My other cats are Megan -- the oldest -- my soul mate and a wonderful smart curious clever cat, Maubee -- a dear little guy who is so needy and sweet and is at the age of 7 already dealing with kidney difficulties (he has a naturally small kidney on one side), and Jadzia our perma-kitten. Jadzia is a little nutso but very loving. She's small and loves attention.

I also have been fostering cats for seven years and I love that. I volunteer with the local humane society adoption center too. I love meeting new cats and talking with the cat loving people that visit there to see the cats.

It's nice to be here! It's a lovely place. I think I'll just make myself comfortable in this sunny spot and take a nap if you don't mind.

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Welcome to the site Heather! Of course we have room for 1 more, maybe even 2 more!
I am so glad to hear that Mimosa is doing so well. We would love to see pictures of your babies!
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Hi Heather-

Old Acme Pet here- MA- nice to see you here. One thing this board has that Acme didn't is better troll patrol, good solid mods and there are a lot past Acme people here-

Welcome to a good community of cat lovers and cat fanciers!
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Welcome to the site Heather! Glad to hear that Mimosa is doing well after her surgery. Megan, Maubee and Jadzia sound like wonderful kitties too!

Well, those topics do tend to get heated, but we try really really hard to avoid flame wars at all costs. Actually, it works very well here - there is a lot of mutual respect amongst members and even when we disagree we still like and respect each other.
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Welcome to our little family, sure there's always room for one more! (Kinda like the cats themselves, you know? If you need any help, just let me know, and check your PM box occasionally!
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Welcome Heather....why not pull up a beach chair while you sunning yourself. I'll be right back with suntan lotion and a selection of beverages.... You sound like IMO is the forum for you....but make sure your claws are in retract mode...and play nice in the sandbox...otherwise...controversy away.

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Hi Heather, I'm sure you will at home here. Can't wait to hear more about Mimosa, Megan, Maubee and Jadzia. Fabulous names! When are the piccies coming?
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welcome aboard
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Welcome to TCS! I never posted on Acme Cat Window, but lurked there a lot.
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I guess I should mention I used to post as 'Heathers' on those forums I mentioned. (I wasn't one of the really prolific posters at cat's window.)

I'm more likely to watch the arguments than jump in. It's nice that you keep the debates segregated here as much as is possible for the people that enjoy them.

My big interests are in helping people with new cats or introducing cats, helping anyone that's interested in fostering and just sharing stories about cats.

I'll get pictures up somewhere eventually.

I just need to figure out where and how.

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Welcome Heather! Sounds to me as if you'll be right at home among this crazy crew! It's a pretty nice place. Looking forward to pics of all your lovely babies.
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My big interests are in helping people with new cats or introducing cats, helping anyone that's interested in fostering and just sharing stories about cats.
We could certainly use your assistance...we get loads of new people who have cat or kittens they are trying to introduce.

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Nice to meet you Heather! I am Candie--Welcome to TCS! Sounds like you know the ropes with posting, but if you ever need any help around here, just please let myself or Cindy know. You can post your pics in "Fur Pictures Only" forums! Can't wait to see the pics! Have fun!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Great to meet you, Heather! Come on in and make yourself comfortable! Looking forward to getting to know you better and hearing more about Megan, Maubee, Jadzia and your beauiful Mimosa!
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