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Dear Sunlion,

To be honest, I am very concerned, but I know they've been trained very well and I have faith that they will come home safely.

I thought there was some type of exception in the services. If there was only one son in the family, he could not be drafted...this is something I think is correct. I would have to look into it further.

I pray that's true.

Love & Peace,
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I hope all is well with your nephew. I know these times will cause much anguish for many people, especially those with friends or relatives in military service. There's much truth in the old wartime saying: "Those also serve who stand and wait." And that's about all we can do! I shall keep your nephew in my thoughts. Remember: Don't borrow trouble. Think good thoughts about your nephew's situation, as far as that's possible in these circumstances; and please let us know how he's doing, when you are able.


Thank you for your kind regards! Well, it's been so long now since the Viet Nam War; and the Gulf War has come and gone (more or less) as well. The Korean War surely was awful for all concerned, too. One of my good friends is a Second World War veteran: He was a member of a U.S. Marine Corps 75-millimeter pack-howitzer crew which went ashore in the first wave at Iwo Jima in the Volcano Islands in 1945; and for the past couple of years he's been experiencing nightmares about it, after all that time.

I don't think anyone need be concerned, one way or another, regarding the drafting of women into military service here in the U.S.A. Personally, I think it's a good idea: The armed forces would benefit greatly by tapping into that pool of resources. However, this was last "discussed" on a so-called "national level" (in other words, by politicians) some 20 years ago: Activist feminists took the position that since war is a product of "the patriarchy," women should not be required to perform military service. Academe and feminist organizations howl if anybody in government so much as suggests such a thing! Add to that the "rednecks" who think women should be protected and put on pedestals and you've got no drafting of women, period. Threats to political territory make for odd bedfellows, don't they?

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Thanks Joe :angel2:

Both my nephews are in the military, I was replying to Sunlion about her concern for what seemed to be the only male eligible. I had assumed him to be the only son. My bad..

My oldest nephew, Christoper is 24 and he's in the Navy. His younger brother Eddie is 18 and in the Marines. Eddie just left a few days ago on a ship. I don't know which one. He didn't know either before he left...nor did he know where the ship would be going. Just as well.

Like you said, I'm not going to worry. I do have faith and I believe that they've been trained to do their duty for the Country. I just pray that they're spirits are high and I hope to hear from both of them very soon. Thank you for having them in your thoughts.

Love & Peace hugs to Micheala & Tonya
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Okay, I'll keep both Chris and Eddie in my thoughts! Hang in there, my friend.

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Well, my cousin Eric IS an only, but I think he is more likely to enlist than to wait to be drafted, though I'm sure we'd rather he stayed home. All us other cousins are over 30 and our kids are jr. high age or younger, so we aren't worried about them yet.

I worry a little about my step brother who is in the Coast Guard. I think he is near the end of his time with them, but I know they can call him back if they need him. I also have a friend Andrew in the Navy. He's the brother-in-law of a friend of mine and we dated a few times long before I got married. Of course I haven't heard from him since all this happened, I'm sure I'm not at the top of his list of priorities at the moment. Another ex-boyfriend was in the National Guard, but I think he passed the six year mark several years ago.

Not that I'm terribly bothered about any of them yet, not until I hear something concrete. Until then, it's all rumors, just a thing that sets in the back of my mind.
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Dear Sunlion,

I can appreciate that little voice in the back of your mind speaking to you...I can empathize so well. It appears that the young men are eager to enlist right now. Or so it seems like that in my town. To be quite honest, I'd go if they'd have me.

Thanks Joe!

Love & Peace
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I received this in email. It would be a perfect solution for Bin Laden.
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Sorry, here is the item I received in emal.
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