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Bush says to get ready for war

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What are you thinking right now about everything that has happened? I feel really sad for all of the people who lost their lives. I feel scared, too, because we are most likely going to go to war. My husband & I were talking about it at our break at work tonight & he was thinking what would happen if they started the Draft back up? That is what made me scared......
I support Bush in his decision...... this crap needs to stop! The USA & other countries do not need to live their lives in fear because of terrorism. And, I'm sorry, but I if they have to blast Afghanistan off the fact of this world, than do it. Reason I say this is just because they go after Bin Laden, doesn't necessarily mean they are going to stop terrorism. Yes, I know lots of innocent people will die, but what other solution is there? I just hope that if there is a war, no nuclear & bio-chemical warfare is used!

Sorry, just had to vent.........
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First, let me say that I 100% support Bush in his goal to protect our country and retaliate against the monsters that killed all these innocent lives. I understand that we will have to go to war to accomplish this goal. But, the thought of war is very scary to me, especially because I'm always worried about how to protect my children. I know that, if we go to war, the US will be as careful as possible to limit civilian casualities, but our enemies have no problems slaughtering innocent lives. My fear is for the children of our country. How will we keep them safe if our enemies start bombing the United States? Makes me wish that I didn't live in such a large metroplex, which might look inviting to Bin Laden. I've been having nightmares all week about keeping my kids safe, and it just scares me to death. All I can do is pray.
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I am also having nighttmares about keeping my children safe. I am so terrified about chemical warfare. I've read that the reactions can spread 100 miles or more. I live about an hour outside of downtown Boston, and I am just so nervous that if they target Boston, we could still see the ramifications here.
My husband keeps telling me not to worry about things that I have no control over. Easier said than done!! And last night he said he wishes we had gas masks. Now that made me feel good!
We have to just hope and pray it never gets to that. I have confidence that we will prevail, and hopefully no more attacks on US soil will happen.
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I also fear that if we go to all out war, that more American lives and our allies will be lost. Maybe the retaliation doesn't have to be full war. If we could locate Bin Laden and his cronies, we could take them out and still have networks working on other groups. If this could settle some of the attacks on innocent people, I think that would be enough. Just take one incident at a time. But, I think we should strengthen our defenses in this country against further attacks.
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Taking out Bin Laden will not end terrorism. I, too, fear war. Any sane person would. If a conflict is years long, like WWII, my son will be of age to be drafted.

But I cannot live in a world or a country where I am afraid all the time. Do you think mothers wanted to lose their sons in WWII?

I support President Bush and our government 100%. We have to do whatever it takes to make our nation safe again.

There are too many in this country who have taken what we have here for granted for too long. Too many do not understand the sacrifices made by previous generations to give us the great nation we have today.
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Tigger, I have been thinking about the Gulf war. When that started, we were all worried that it would turn into WW3, but it didn't (I had two brothers who wouldn't have been able to fight due to medical conditions, although my younger brother said he would have LIED about his health to get in. My husband would have been eligible for the draft though) . I know that it was still a war and American soldiers lost their lives, but it didn't escalate into a World War and there was no draft.

Aside from the Taliban itself I can't think of any other country who has not declared support for America. I say Taliban, and not Afghanistan, because there is a large army of rebels (against Taliban rule) who will fight FOR America too, in their own country. The whole world is behind your President, if it does escalate into a World War, it will be the shortest one in history.

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This is all just so scary!! Thought of a WW3 just terrifies me, but yet, I realize we have to do what has to be done, and I support Bush's decisions.
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Yes, we are all afraid of World War III. Our enemies know this and they know that this terrorist action has multiplied our fears 100 fold. We cannot, however; let this fear paralize us. We cannot let this fear mushroom into internal hatred either. We must all stand behind our President's decision (whatever that may be) and seek out and destroy this wretched enemy. I feel that Bush will be advised by the best this country has to offer and his choice will be the best solution and he deserves the backing of a United States as well as the United Nations.
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Just heard that a convoy has left from Pakistan to go to Afghanistan to demand the surrender of the evil one within three days. Everyone I know is really scared about what might be coming down the way, so I pray this effort works and they get through and they get the madman. It won't stop terrorism, but it is a good place to start.

Whatever happens, I stand behind Bush's decision. He seems to be treading carefully and does not impress me that he is a warmonger. There have been others before him that sitting in his chair, might have already entered us into a war before all the facts come in.
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Deb25 is right. Finding and killing Bin Laden would not stop the terrorism.

I am all for the war, we have sat back and done nothing for too long. The first bombing of the World Trade Center, and the bombing of our Embassies. Enough is enough. They should be scared in Afghanstan but I trust Bush knows what he is doing and if he can avoid killing innocent people I am sure he will.

Too bad THEY didn't try to avoid killing innocent people when they flew OUR planes into OUR buildings.
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Yes like all the rest of you I am also scared. I have a son-in-law that is a Capt in the Army and is an anesthetist with the mash unit. If this comes to war he will definitely have to go to where the fighting is. He is now stationed in Germany and was supposed to be back home in Louisiana for Xmas. I doubt that he will be able to come home now. He has not been home for awhile, first got sent to Kosovo and then to Gambia. Yep, I am very scared and worried.

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What is most scaring for me is the threat of a religious war. The Talibans have declared that this is a Holy War, a Jihad, meaning Islam against Occident. It means that they are not afraid to die, they are fighting in the name of religion. This is much more scary for me.

The gulf War was an economic war, there was no religiuos support to Irak from other arabic countries.

This time, islamic countries aren't too sure about backing up USA. If we should come to a war between Islam and Occident, that would certainly be a World War III.

I am scared that many, many innocent lifes are going to be lost in this conflict that's coming. I can't help to think about the opressed people of afghanistan (opressed by the talibans) that are going to be the victims once again. Did you know that afghan women don't have the right to work? It means that widows cannot support their kids! And that's Taliban's doing!

If that war could be a surgical one, meaning that only the criminals could be punished, that would be great. Unfortunately, this does seem impossible. If the 3 thousand Bin Laden men have already scattered all over Afghanistan, how in the heck are we going to hunt them down?

How can we punish the criminals without killing innocent people? And I still think that what we should do that because we do care about innocents, we do not want to act like terrorists. At least that's what I think, but I am sure there are a lot of people that are asking for revenge, rather then punishment.

And more important, let's not forget that somehow USA government, and others should try to better protect their populations! And how to do that? I really don't know.

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I also stand 100% behind Bush... This is prob. been posted else where but... Do you all realize we trained Bin Laden? And that the US government has done some HORRIBLE things to theses countries and that is why they hate us? I believe that those who did this should be punished, but care needs to be taken that the US government does not interfere with other governments - as in several countries we got rid of perfectly good, voted in by the people governments because they didn't make laws in relation to how the economically interacted with the US. That is wrong - especially when we put in governments that oppress their people!!!!!!! Additionally, perhaps we should think about selling less military arms - When we fought in the Gulf War some of the weapons used against us were given or sold by us to them! Also, if we go and bomb Afganistan keep in mind who will pay the price - innocent women and children not Bin Laden...

Just something to think about, to be honest I'm not sure what to do...

Heather V. Havel
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Heather, I too worry about all of the children who would be hurt and of the women who can't leave their houses because of the Taliban rules who could not escape potential attacks. I hope our govt can find a way to get the terrorists without hurting innocent citizens.

Regarding the Gulf war...although it did not turn into WWIII (thank goodness) it also accomplished next to nothing. Saddam Hussein is still in power , still abusing his power, and is still hurting the Kurdish (and other)people. So, was it worth the money and lives lost to have gone to war?

Also, in the many hundreds of years Afganistan has been around NO ONE has successfully invaded the country....not even Ghengis Kahn or Russia or the Soviet Union...no one! If the soviet union couldn't do it, what makes us think we could? Wouldn't we be setting ourselves up for another big loss of American soldiers (like Viet Nam)? There's just got to be another way (besides war) to meet our objectives!

Just my opinion! I hope I haven't tread on any toes. If I have, I whole-heartedly apologize!
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[quote]Originally posted by havel1hv
[b]I also stand 100% behind Bush... This is prob. been posted else where but... Do you all realize we trained Bin Laden? And that the US government has done some HORRIBLE things to theses countries and that is why they hate us?

Heather, what horrible things has the US government done to these countries? I am not saying you are wrong, so please don't take it that way, I am just unsure of what you mean, I never knew the US government did anything horrible to these people. And even if they did, that is no excuse for them to attack and kill innocent people who have nothing at all to say about what decisions our government has or has not made.
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Debby...I'm not intending to be snide or sarcastic here;but please go back and read your last sentence. Now,please everyone realize that that sentence could be just as truly uttered by mothers in all those countries who are watching the skies for the US missles and planes.

It is not neccessarily the US which has hurt these peoples,all countries and corporations in the "west" share the guilt of sins past. But the USA has set itself up as the "Leader of the West" and as such has become the lightning rod for all the resentment of the "Third World". I'm sorry people,but the US does become rather heavy-handed in it's dealings with other nations sometimes. Even we Canadians,your closest neighbor and long time ally feel the back of you government's hand at times. It's like an unexpected slap from a bigger brother or sister and it does cause resentment. There are Canadians who have gone to NYC to work alongside the American rescue workers,but I seriously doubt they will be acknowledged by the US media...or anyone else.
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I have personally heard acknowedgement for people from outside of NY all over the media. Larry King just had Rudy Guiliani on CNN, and I heard the man mention other places by name. In a time like this, I can hardly believe you're standing by waiting for a personal acknowledgement.
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I just wanted to let you know that we do appreciate our northern buddies and I have heard gratitude on the news as well. The way people have come together over this is amazing, and it is certainly being felt.
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Deb25..Personal acknowledgement?? For what?? If there has been mention of outside help well and good but that is never the point..the help is freely given as to any brother or sister who has suffered a hurt

The point of my whole reply,which you apparently missed,was that the USA by taking on the role of Leader often gets blamed for the actions of others in the "Western World". If XYZ Corp,based in the USA has substandard working conditions or has a chemical spill it is seen as an American corporation EVEN THOUGH it's control is by a multi-national group,possibly with major shareholders in the affected country. Wrong?? Of course it is..but the world is made up of perceptions. You misjudged me just now and were instantly filled with resentment and anger.

As for the US Govt being heavy-handed,I'm sorry,but sometimes they are. This is not unique to the US but again the perceptions come into play. The US is often percieved as uncaring about it's friends and allies. Case in point,how much do you really know about your largest neighbor and trading partner?? This probably seems unimportant to you in the long view but it does hurt.

Now before somebody accuses me of taking the side of the terrorists,I'm not..that's ridiculous. But ALL of we western,first world nations are going to have to take a long,hard look at ourselves. We hurt people in our ignorance and need to stop..else terrorism will remain.

Oh..and Folks..Larry King and CNN are not cultural icons in every country on the face of the earth.

God protect ALL the innocents of the world in the coming days.
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War, eh? Well, as the saying goes: "Been there. Done that." From a personal standpoint, I'm glad it's somebody else's turn this time. Those of us who served in the combat zone during the Viet Nam War returned to a nation which was apathetic at best about those who put their lives on the line in the name of service to country. Let's hope that's never the case again!

What I find bamboozling is the concern over casualties should we send in the infantry. Well, duh, there are casualties in war. Civilians get killed because they're in the way. Military people get killed, of course. War does not present a pretty picture.

This baby-boomer notion that wars can be fought from 30,000 feet of altitude is totally absurd. No war is "won" without infantry occupying territory. And no sufficiency of infantry is possible without the draft. So, how angry are we in the U.S.A.? Are we angry enough to say, "Do what it takes"? Because "what it takes" is foot soldiers, on the ground; and lots of them, as in "draft."

Mind, this "war" against terrorism is a tricky business: Maybe there is, in fact, no possible way to mount a military offensive against terrorists. After all, they're not going to conveniently assemble somewhere so we can attack them via traditional means. All this Delta Force talk fails to take into account the fact that the bad guys are really good fighters as well; and we'd be going into their back yard. You win there with overwhelming numbers, not with fancy machines or commando raids.

Surgical strikes, high-altitude bombing sorties and guided-missle attacks make for great media events; but nobody's going to drop their weapons and surrender under those conditions. It'll take a soldier pointing a rifle at somebody to bring about any surrendering in Afghanistan!

May God help us all, should there be an actual war. I'll stand behind our troops, believe me! And if we win, it won't be on account of any politicians or corporate executives: It'll be because a bunch of young people walked into combat and faced the enemy.

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Let me dig my class notes up (I took American Foreign Policy) - I believe we got rid of a government in Iraq and then put someone else in. I'll find out exacts... I don't believe what they did was right - just that we (Americans) should take a more active role in government to make sure such things don't happen - Also people who don't live in the US don't know how little the normal person interacts with decisions the US makes - Seriously! I have had foreign students express surprize when they realize how little we have to do with these decisions! THIS DOES NOT EXCUSE WHAT WAS DONE!!! I'm just trying to educate people. I'll get back with some facts later.

Heather V. Havel
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I really hope that we can talk about this topic without flaming occuring. Remember that this is probably the hottest topic in this country, if not the world right now, and that Americans, while we all process things differently are feeling violated, sickened and angry over this tradegy.

I visit other boards, and as my friends here can attest to I've been very upset about what I've read. There are some people from other countries who have decided to come on and post a sort of 'nah nah, heavy-handed America has been hit'. Now is NOT the time to tell us. We are so raw that most of us couldn't even have an intelligent debate about it. I'm not saying anybody has done that, but I'm scared this could turn in that direction and it's going to be ugly if it does. I've seen it at other places on the net.

Right or wrong, we don't want to hear what's wrong with the country. Perhaps when they have recovered all the bodies from the rubble, perhaps when all those people who are missing loved ones are able to identify them using a lock of hair because all that's left is some DNA, when we can all get through the day without crying, maybe then we can talk about it. I know I can't speak rationally about the things that are wrong with this country right now. Nor do I have the energy or desire to debate history/politics/foriegn policies right now. And I've been lucky enough to not lose anyone I care about, YET, because who knows what will happen if this becomes a full blown war.

I'm not saying that people aren't entitled to thier opinions, because that isn't the case. I'm just saying that this country is in grieving right now, and we're angry. And we're not ourselves. Our feeling of patriotism is running high, there is a huge amount of pride in this country, and we aren't going to be able to be civil when discussing her shortcomings.

Heather, Bless your heart for looking for the facts. I don't have the energy and my veiwpoints come from my heart, and not my head.
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I blew yesterday on another board that was taking the turn like this one post is. Where people were responding in confusion and anger, not because they are not intelligent, but because their brain is numb and thinking hurts. I would hate to be a world leader right now, because what a burden to go to bed with everynight? How do they make this right? Can they? I heard last night on Nightline that osama has over 300 billion dollars that he INHERITED.

Mike and I used to argue about how come America has to get involved in other countries political problems. We put Hussein in power, we put Castro in power, and President Kennedy promised no attacks on Cuba after we did. I am no Foreign Policy major, and I hope Heather does supply her notes. I guess at this point, I am just wondering why all through history, people just can't get along with each other? Not that it compares to a world war by any scale,but visit a few bulletin boards and lurk, and find, that right now, many are spoiling for a fight with people they have known for years.

And KF, I don't know why America hasn't acknowledged all the help they are getting on an individual basis. Maybe because they are busy trying to get to any survivors out before the stages of dehydration set in, or before they succumb to the fumes of toxic smoke, as there is a still a fire underneath all that rubble. Maybe they are to busy rounding up the world leaders to see what can be done. Did you see Jay Leno last night? A man usually so full of comedy and he couldn't even crack a joke. He said this and I hope I quote him correctly:

"My father was a prize fighter, and he used to say "Fight the Good Fight" And this my friends is the good fight, you can say to yourself that maybe we (America) did this....or then we did this....or this...but...we didn't..........we didn't. We were sucker punched and we were knocked down, and when we get up, it will be the good fight!"

He also had Senator McCain on the Senator was eloquent, passionate, patriotic, and hard-nosed. We all are at this point, and the tip of our nose is skinned, and bloody and raw and we may get knocked down again- and God I hope not, but we may, and we will get back up. Because we have to. Why, because in every sense of the word, we are the Greatest Nation in the world, and all eyes are on us to see how we will react and what we will do. Also, Jay had Crosby Stills Nash & Young on and they sang several songs some members crying. I think it was Graham, that wrote a song after the Oklahoma bombing called "Half the Angels" and the words could of been written 3 days ago. They ended with God Bless America and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. So God Bless America, and to those who think that because of past mistakes or policy, or whatever that we deserved this? Well, I just feel sorry for them, because NO ONE deserved this! NO ONE!

And KF if you think I am attacking you, I am not. But just reading your post opened that wound on my nose a little more than it was before, and I am proud of my country and what it stands for, if it wasn't so great no one would even bother with us and try to tear it down like this. I also have the fullest faith in my leaders and I know that in 6 months when the last piece of rubble is carried off.........and there are slides of flesh sitting in labs the only way to be tested for DNA and funerals and memorial services begin in earnest all over the world.....and the Congrssional Medal of Honor is bestowed to the widows of those four brave men on the flight that crashed in PA....that there will be a huge "THANK YOU" to all who have helped. To all the countries everywhere, to the 64 nations who have lost their people, to all the countries who have pitched in, to the backwoods Americans who instead of paying a utility bill, sent the money into the relief fund, to the rescuers with the search dogs with bloody paws...to the brave firemen and policemen and women that risked everything to save those who ultimately couldn't be saved...to the ones left in their wake forgetting their grief and digging into the pile.....to the volunteeers.......the people cheering on the streets........ to everyone everywhere, there will be a thank you. And I am sure that today when the world leaders come to the white house and Jacque Chretien grabs Bush's hand, Bush will thank him warmly for all the help his people have been and will continue being, and maybe that will help take the sting out of the "unexpected slap from Big Brother" but I guess that is up to you to decide. And see, normally I am an easy-going person and I wouldn't fight with anybody, but this is surely not "Normal" times.
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that obviously there are things that need to change. Policies that need to be re-evaluated. The people who have to make those decisions aren't on this board, or probably any other for that matter. The people that ARE on this board are doing all they can in terms of donations, prayers and patriotism.

We are not a perfect country, but in most of the worlds eyes we are the strongest, and if terrorism is able to topple us, then everyone else better hold onto their asses. This isn't just our problem, but a problem to everyone that holds democracy and freedom dear. These people want their religion and their God to be the universal one. They don't want to be held in check by anyone, and if we don't do something about it, then God help us all. The freedoms we have enjoyed will not be there for our childern and grand childern. Amandas post called 'Evacuation' really brought it home for me. This is affecting an entire world. I really feel like the idea of freedom is what is up for grabs here. The repercussions of this will be felt by the world, not just one nation.

Now is not the time for finger pointing, or blame, but a time for finding the terrorists who hold no regard for human life if you aren't on their side. Now is a time for fixing the immediate problem before it erupts even bigger than it already has, and then maybe, when we can feel some small amount of safety and well being, when the threat has been stamped out to the best of our ability, then maybe we can work on fixing the problems that led to this happening. But we can't even think about that until the immediate threat is gone.
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Rest assured that Canada and the USA are like a family..we may squabble and fuss among ourselves at times but we stand together when one of us is hurting. You are our brothers and sisters,your blood is ours and so is your pain. We have shared joys and sorrows in the past and have died for each other. Neither of us is perfect but in the end that doesn't matter. Our hand is always extended to you..whether or not you slap it away is entirely up to you.
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Kittyfoot, your words mean alot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You can't know how much comfort I take in what you said.
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It amazes me how many nations are saying they will be pulling their support behind us. Not knowing what is coming down the pike frightens me, but it also makes my patriotism streak a lot stronger.
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I haven't had time to look for my class notes, but I found this on Time - covers a couple of the issues including Iran and Iraq...

Just an FYI...


Heather V. Havel
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My youngest nephew was shipped off about three days ago...I just found out yesterday. He was in North Carolina one day and now he has no idea (from what my brother has told me) where he's going....I haven't been able to contact my other nephew Christopher. He was in Georgia...in the Navy. My brother has no idea where he is right now. He's not contacted even his father. I guess no one knows much of anything and I guess it's perfectly clear that it's too dangerous. I'm in full support of President Bush's decision.

I would say that I would have to agree with AP's sentiments...those countries, better hang on to them and kiss them goodbye as well.

Wayne, thanks for your encouraging words!

Love & Peace,
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You must be beside yourself about your nephew.

I was just realizing there is only one young man in my entire family who would be likely to be drafted. He is not yet 18 and his dad is from Acapulco, so I suppose he could legally declare himself a Mexican citizen and avoid it, but I don't know if he would. Now if they draft women this time, then we'll lose a lot of family. And with the push toward equality of the last 25 years, if this is an extended conflict, I bet that idea comes up . . .


I remember when I first lived in Canada (Sudbury,ON) and all my classmates seemed to have a complex. Every conversation for like a month, someone said, "Oh, but that's better in the States, eh?" About everything, from television to the public library to the kind of chocolate bars in the local Pinto store (7-Eleven is ever better than Pinto, eh?) to the way milk was served. (Do you guys get milk in bags? I thought that was pretty cool, but maybe it was just the local dairy.) I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to live so close to us and have so much in common, but to be treated like you are invisible. I try to be more sensitive about language these days, I'm more likely to say "I'm from the US" than "I'm American", because Canadians and Mexicans are also American so it sounds a little arrogant to me.

I think the US is like a teenager who towers over her parents. So big and powerful, but still with so much to learn, and yet completely able to overpower our predecessors if we don't agree. Or maybe it's like having an elephant in the bedroom, even if you try to ignore it, you are always conscious of it, and it can squash you just by rolling over without paying attention.

Mr Cat,

At least 3 generations of my family have served in the military (my grandfather lied about his age so he'd be accepted for duty in WWI, yes, One) and I think it's a horrible shame that no one in my generation seems to even consider how much of our lifestyle is due to their patriotism. I know you Viet Nam vets got the dirty end of the stick, probably because the whole situation was so unpopular. I have also heard that WWII vets are only now getting a national memorial, which is another shame. What's it been, almost 60 years? So thank you from the bottom of my heart for risking your life just so I can live in peace and prosperity.

Sorry to babble on, these things struck me and I just wanted to vent. Y'all go back to ignoring me now, it's probably for the best . . .
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