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Hello From Chuck, Socrates and Tiger

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Hi all! I just thought I'd introduce myself! I'm a single father of two beautiful boy felines, a tuxedo named Socrates and a tiger striped tabby, named Tiger. Say Hi boys: MEOW! I LOVE cats and have many nephews and nieces: Tammy Faye, Nermal, Ezmarelda, Tiger (2), Oreo, Clepatra, Nickademus, Bella (She loves when Uncle Chuck visits), Boo and Miss Lilly. I have pictures of ALL of my nieces and nephews around my apt. I keep a full bowl on my doorstep for the strays (Socrates and Tiger HATE this, especially when I pause to pet them). Well, thats a start. Just wanted to say MEOW!
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Pleased to meet you MeowMan. I hope you stay and share some more stories about everyone.
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Hi Meowman!

Welcome to our little kitty klatch! My e-mail name on aol is Meowmommy4 (although the number is now up to 8). Hope to hear more from you and your fur babies!
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MeowMan....WELCOME!!! I just love a man who loves cats....LOL Glad you have joined us! That is so sweet that you put food out for the strays!!!! What a guy!!! Hope you enjoy yourself here with us in these forums!
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Thanks for the welcomes! Yes, it's not as often you find a single male cat person. One of my lady friends keeps asking me "Are you sure your not gay, because your single with 2 cats and you have The Little Mermaid on DVD". I just smile and tell her "Nope! I'm just comfortable with myself and my (hetero)sexuality...I love cats and thats my fav. Disney film". Besides, I may be 34, but I'm all kid inside and, you might say, in touch with my Y chromozomes as well! LOL!
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You know, my hubby is like that. He is going to be 40 next month and I dont know who is worse, my 6 year old or him. You are not the only straight man who loves cats. My husband loves every one of them as much as I do. He also loves showing them. He has gone so far that he is working on being a judge for the association we show with. He has a shirt that sais "real men love cats". Are you still looking for Ms right or do you prefer to stay single and happy..hehe.
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Well, I agree with your husbands shirt: Real men like cats! And, YES, I am still looking for Ms. Right. But, she better understand, my babies come first! So, whomever ends up with me will HAVE to just adore cats as much as me. Which makes me think of a FUNNY post I've gotta make.
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Hmmmmmmmm, Meowman....I am so glad you are "in touch" with the little kid inside of you....and with your cats!

*me wonders where you were a few years ago before i got married* {LOL}

and by the way....I also love the little mermaid movie....{Ariel is a doll)....and as a 35 year old (who is in touch with her X chromosomes...) I welcome you to the catsite, and glad you have joined us!!!!!!!
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Boy oh boy..too bad you live so far away..I know someone looking to share cats stories..Shes a little older than you, but I am not an age person. My hubby is 13 years older than me. You know...we will ocassionaly have cat shows in Fl....
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Well, if you have kitty shows in the Northern half of Florida let me know. I keep missing them when they have them here in Jax. Of course, perhaps thats a good thing because I'd probably end up with a few more and in a small 1 BR apt. that would be tough. I'd have to sleep on the couch and let the kids have the bed. LOL.
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Hey Meowman,

I'm the "older woman" Sandie is referring to. I love a man who appreciates cats. I'm also the moderator for the Feral/Rescue/SOS Threads if you'd care to join me. I have 8 cats, all but one rescues. And, like you, if my cats prefer to sleep on my queen sized bed, I'll go in my other bedroom (of course they follow me there). It's great to have you in the forum!
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I never said "older woman" you make it sound so cruel!! I just said you were older!!
Yes, I will let you know if we are all showing in that area. Our association is small but we are lots of fun. We are all a very friendly bunch!!
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Just to add that in my humble opinion all good men love cats. Some of them just don't know it yet

My hubby thought he didn't like cat and you should see him now dotting over our Gezer and Mishmish... He adores them!
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