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Please Advise....

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I am new to the board and was looking for some feedback regarding my current situation. My bf and I live in a tiny (and boy do I mean tiny!) apartment. We have had Tela (female, 2-3 year old) for about 2 years. We have just adopted Isis (female, 1 year old) and after reading all the articles about introducing cats have seperated them from one another. The concern I have is that the only door in our entire apartment is to the bathroom and yep, you guessed it, the bathroom itself is tiny. I am feeling bad for Isis to be confined in such a small space, but also want to give ample time to Tela to get used to our new family member. So far, they have hissed at one another through the door and Tela seems none too pleased at the new guest. Does anyone have any advice or tales of happy endings with introductions of two cats??? I am new at this and feeling anxious, nervous and under-prepared!


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Hi Megan,

It is likely that you will have a turf war going on, simply because you have two cats in what you say is a "tiny" space. Hissing and spitting and swatting is common for first time meets. You can help alleviate the stress a bit, by making sure the cats have other places to get away. Obviously you can't knock out a wall in your apartment to make it bigger, but you can install a cat condo that is tall and sturdy, perhaps clear off the top of a bookcase, or shelf they might want to leap up on. Also make sure that when you bring them together, you have three litter pans. Not one, not two, but three and that they are not close together.

If your new cat has been vetted, I always urge people to not use a solid door between the two cats, but instead take a baby gate and put it in the doorway vertically. This allows the two cats who are driven by scent to get use to each other quicker as they have to smell each other more, and they can see each other but not get at each other.

When you do finally introduce them, do it casually, don't make a big deal about it. Keep your stress level low. I would also recommend a feliway comfort zone room diffuser by Farnum Pet. Get one and plug it in near the doorway where they are meeting now. Have a dark heavy blanket available to throw over them should they lock together teeth and claws to fight.

The warning signs that introductions will not go well are a flattened tail, ears tucked back, and the cat is low to the ground with eyes that look like slits and not buttons. You see that, hold off on the introductions.
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Hi, and welcome to TCS!

Have you read this thread? Introducing new cats to old

I'd vote for still taking time for a slow introduction - I believe that it can really make a difference in how they get along. One thing that might help is to make sure Isis has vertical space to move around in - perhaps you could find a good vertical cat tree?

This site has some great trees for limited space:
or try this one: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produc...&N=2002+113197

Some members have also posted about finding a cat tree from Wal-Mart similar to the ones on the second link, for a reasonable price.

The fact that she's in the bathroom might actually work in her favor, because that means you'll be sure to spend time with her every day, and her smell will be on your clothes, so Tela can become accustomed to it.
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need I mention Shmankies? or is that just my family?
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
need I mention Shmankies? or is that just my family?
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One thing to also keep in mind is that cats sometimes live for months in cages at shelters, so a tiny bathroom for them is like a mansion for us. So, while it is not ideal, I think the bathroom will be fine. Just follow the advice of the others and everything should be okay!
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Thanks for the speedy responses everyone. I appreciate it. I will be looking into a vertical cat tree today! Already Tela is going down to the bathroom door to investigate Isis' cries. So, I am less nervous as each day passes.

Thanks again... I will keep you posted on the progress.

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