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I'm bored....... humour me.

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Well, it's been a slow week and I've spent most of it being really bored. This is what I've being doing with my time (please excuse spelling grammer and general awfulness).

Chapter One.

The postman trudged down the garden path, his heavy bag weighing him down. All around him the birds sang and the trees and flowers swayed softly in the warm summer breeze. He wished it were raining, the heat of the hazy summer morning and the lead weights that he was sure someone had hidden in his postbag were making it harder and harder for him to put one foot in front of another.

As he reached the smartly painted front door, he reached into his bag and pulled out a sheaf of letters. He bent over and pushed them through the letterbox one by one, he smiled to himself as he stood up and stretched his aching back. Only two more streets and he would be finished, two more streets and he would be on his way back to the sorting office, two more streets and he would be finishing work for his summer holiday. He closed his eyes and his mind filled with pictures of sandy beaches, palm trees and sangria.

He continued along his usual route, stopping occasionally to adjust the strap of his postbag. With every delivery his heart (and his bag) grew lighter. Then, not a moment too soon, he stood at the gate of the only remaining house on his round.

The tall hedge danced in the gentle wind, its green leaves swaying back and forth as if in a hypnotic trance. The small garden was alive with flowers of every colour and played host to a myriad of creatures. The butterflies painted the air with glorious colour and the gentle hum of the bees soothed his ears.

He walked down the path, his tired feet stepped one in front of the other until he stood in front of the ornately carved door. The door seemed out of place, its heavily engraved magnificence seemed to overpower the small house. He often marvelled over the fine detail in the dark wooden door, the animals carved there seemed to be almost alive, he would never admit it out loud, but sometimes he could swear that they moved.

He opened his bag and pulled out a parcel, it was medium in size and was wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. He slowly reached toward the doorknocker, a large silver cat at full stretch, and gently rapped the door. The knocker was warm to the touch, smooth and almost fluid in this hand. He stepped back from the door and held his breath as it slowly creaked open.

The door inched open until there was just enough room for the parcel, a voice from within asked him to push the parcel through the gap. The postman was unsurprised; he had been working the same route for 5 years and had never seen the occupant of the house. He had heard that a young woman had been seen leaving the house but that the owner was a total recluse. The only sign that someone actually lived there was the assortment of cats often seen stretched out in the window.

He bent down and gently pushed the parcel through the gap. As he straightened up the melodic voice thanked him for his trouble, he looked up and his smile froze. Looking back at him from the darkness and gloom within were a pair of striking golden eyes. He stuttered his goodbyes and walked quickly to the garden gate. He turned and stared back at the now closed door and then ran as fast as his legs would carry him back to the sorting office.

By the time Albert, for that was the postman’s name, arrived back at the post office he had decided that those spellbinding golden eyes were merely a figment of his imagination. He was overworked and overdue for the holiday he was about to take. He reasoned that the eyes were probably one of the owner’s cats or a trick of the light. It seemed impossible that the pleasant-sounding voice had come form the direction of those appealing radiant eyes, even though in his heart of hearts he knew it to be true.

Albert punched his time card and walked out into the now gloriously sunny day. He had five hours before he needed to leave for the airport and he still hadn’t finished packing. He quickened his pace, eager to be home and then on his way to Spain. The image of the golden eyes quickly faded to be replaced by Mediterranean sun and sparkling azure sea.

Back at the house six pairs of eyes stared expectantly at the parcel. The package sat on a furry white rug in front of a large marble fireplace. The sun streamed in through the net curtains creating a curious dappled pattern on the walls and floor, the heavy velvet drapes pulled back to let in the day. The owner of the golden eyes was the first to move, she hooked the string tying up the parcel and pulled, the string fell away easily. She smiled and tossed the string over her shoulder.

All of a sudden the five other occupants of the room came to life, each trying to catch the string before the others. The room was a melee of bodies jumping, running and twisting, only the string would emerge unscathed. The owner of the golden eyes, who we shall call Carmen, watched the battle with interest. It never ceased to amaze her that they would go to such trouble over such a small thing. It soon became clear that they were not going to stop of their own accord. Carmen raised her arms and shouted ‘Enough!’
The five troublemakers froze, for a second the room looked like someone had snapped a photograph of the pursuit, and then slowly they all gathered back around the parcel, one of them held the string in their mouth.

Carmen expertly removed the brown paper and put it to one side, her flashing eyes warning the others to leave it alone, she noticed that the box was punched full of holes. On top of the box was an envelope, Carmen opened the envelope and read the letter it contained aloud.

Dear Carmen,

I found this little fellow wandering the streets, I took him in of course, but I think he may be more suited to staying with you. He seems to be somewhat gifted and I think he is in need of a teacher with more experience than I. He is a delightful little chap. We call him Jekyll.
Please let me know how he is progressing,
Your friend,
St. John.

The others looked at each other, excitement shining on their faces. It had been a long time since someone new had arrived at the house. Carmen smiled to herself as she caught sight of their eager faces. It was nice to know that they were as keyed up as she was. She made a mental note to remind St. John that travelling by post was not really an acceptable way to send her a new charge, no matter how gifted. Then slowly she began to peel back the cardboard flaps of the box, whispering words of encouragement as she did so. The tension in the room was palpable, as she finally opened the box six pairs of eyes, including her own, peered in at its contents. One pair of eyes stared back.
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Chapter Two.

Carmen smiled at the newcomer, and the newcomer smiled back. He hopped out of the box on unsteady feet and slowly surveyed his surroundings. He cleared his throat and began to speak. ‘Hi’ he began unsteadily, ‘I’m Jekyll... at least that’s what my owners used to call me… before I got lost.’
His green eyes welled with tears and a quiet sob escaped from his throat. Carmen brushed away his tears and gently scratched the top of his head. Jekyll began to purr.

The others gathered around the newcomer, his fur was darkly spotted, just like a leopard, with a glittery gold background. His eyes a sparkly clear green, he was without a doubt a very handsome kitten.

One of the others stepped forward; she was a lithe grey and brown tabby with smoky brown eyes. She sauntered over to Jekyll and said,
‘Well hello there Jekyll, My name is Jeepers and I’m very pleased to meet you. It seems like I’ve been the baby here for so long! It will be nice to have someone near my own age to play with.’
She gently licked him on the nose and stepped aside for the next introduction.

Jekyll’s eyes widened as two black cats approached him. One longhaired and fluffy, the other sleek with shiny fur. The longhaired cat was the first to speak, ‘Well, I’m Bandit’ he began ‘and I was lost for a long time. I’ll look after you and then you won’t be lost anymore.’
‘Whadya mean I’ the other black cat interrupted, ‘I’m Cobweb and I think my brother meant to say that we will look after you, all of us’
Bandit and Cobweb glared at each other, Jekyll fought to control the giggles welling up in his throat, the expression on the two cats faces was priceless.

Whilst Bandit and Cobweb bickered in the background Jekyll was approached by a well-built ginger cat. His fur was long and silky and his eyes kind. ‘Hi Jekyll,’ he began, ‘I’m Axl. Apart from Carmen I guess I’m the oldest here. I’ll be glad to help you out with anything you need… at least it’ll get me away from those two’ he said with a smile.

Lastly, Jekyll was approached by a large black and white cat with green eyes that mirrored his own. ‘My name is Jester,’ the cat began, ‘welcome to the house, it’ll be nice to have a kitten around again.’

Carmen stepped forward and shooed everyone away, she put her paw on Jekyll’s shoulder and led him to a dark quiet room. The room was warm, a fire burned in the hearth, it’s glow muted by the fireguard. The walls were painted a rich red and the carpet was a deep, thick cream pile. Jekyll could make out several cushions spread about the floor. Through the darkness he guessed that they were soft, warm and velvety, he struggled to stifle a yawn.

Carmen stopped, in front of her lay a large velvet cushion. It was sky blue with white fluffy clouds and looked very comfortable indeed. ‘This is your cushion Jekyll’ she said, ‘It’s your very own. I don’t know why I put out an extra one today, maybe part of me knew that you were on your way to us.’

Jekyll stepped on to the cushion and purred contentedly as his paws sank in to its soft embrace. He lay down and curled up. Carmen stroked the top of his head and whispered softly to him. In no time at all Jekyll was fast asleep and dreaming of fields full of butterflies and grey cats with golden eyes just like Carmen.

Carmen rejoined the others, they were eager to discuss the new arrival. As she walked into the room they gathered around her all talking at once. She gently shushed them, without quiet they would not get anywhere.

Jeepers was the first to speak, ‘He’s so small, don’t you think he’s a bit young? I’d hate to think of anything happening to him.’
‘Yes, he is a bit young’ Carmen replied, ‘but I don’t think St. John would’ve sent him to us if he thought there was the least possibility of anything happening to him.’
‘Maybe we should just see how he does’ Jeepers continued, ‘if he’s everything St. John says he is then he should be alright. I vote that even if he isn’t up to scratch we keep him, I really don’t want to see him out on the street again’
‘Agreed’ said Carmen, ‘let him get his rest, we can talk to him about it tomorrow.’

All five heads nodded in agreement, it seemed best to be cautious with their new friend. He was still very young and they didn’t want to see him get into trouble.

The discussion continued well into the night. Dinnertime came and went and still Jekyll slept on oblivious to the activity around him. More than once one of the others stepped in to check on him, covering him with a blanket when the fire died down. He was safe for the first time in months.

After what seemed like days (but had really only been hours) Jekyll awoke. He slipped out from under the comfy knitted blanket and stretched like only cats do. Front paws at full stretch, tail high in the air. He yawned and blinked his eyes, gradually getting used to the dimness of the room.

He headed toward the door and retraced his steps back to the living room, anxious for company. As he approached the door he heard muted whispers, there was definitely more people in the room then before. He could hear at least four extra voices.

He stood outside the door and waited, debating whether or not to go in. He was nervous of meeting new people and he had already had to meet six new people today. As he stood there he strained to listen to what was going on. If he knew what they were talking about he would know whether to go in or not.

The voices inside the room were quiet and low; he could barely make out what they were saying. All he knew for certain was that he could hear his own name. They were talking about him.

Slowly Jekyll eased open the door, he drew in a deep breath and walked into the room. Ten pairs of eyes looked back at him, the six cats and something quite unexpected. Stood in front of him amongst all the cats were two small mice, a rat and a mole.

Jekyll tensed and then sprang at the rodents, instinct urging him on to attack. He chased and caught one of the mice, pinning it to the floor with his paw.

‘Well, I guess that answers that question’ Bandit began, ‘he seems more than ready to me.’
Carmen gently pried Jekyll’s paw off the unfortunate mouse as Jekyll looked on confused. The white mouse shook herself off and bowed deeply to Jekyll. ‘You must be Jekyll,’ she started, ‘My name is Meowsy and I am Commander in Chief of the Rodent Resistance, how very nice to meet you.’
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Chapter Three.

Jekyll stood speechless in front of the dainty mouse, confusion plainly showing on his face. Meowsy cocked her head to one side and smiled at him, she said ‘Now don’t you worry about chasing us just now. I can imagine all of this has come as a bit of a shock to you. Perhaps I should explain.’
Meowsy put her small white paw on Jekyll’s larger golden one and tugged gently on his fur. He slowly followed her as she walked toward the large brown leather sofa that stood against the wall.

As Meowsy approached the sofa Axl held out his paw, Meowsy hopped on to it and was lifted up on to the leather cushions. Jekyll joined her and listened as she began to speak. ‘Well, I don’t know quite where to begin’ she said, ‘Firstly; it may be in your interest to know that not all cats (and mice) talk. You may be able to talk to any cat that crosses your path but it takes a very special sort of feline to be able to talk to mice, rats, moles, humans… well, just about any animal you can think of really.’
Jekyll glanced at the other cats who were all furiously nodding.
Meowsy continued, ‘ You are special Jekyll, as are all the other cats here. Carmen and the others have helped us more than we can ever thank them for, and now we desperately need your help.’
Jekyll opened his mouth to speak but was silenced by Jester. Jester leapt up on to the sofa and sat next to a very confused Jekyll. ‘Everything will become clear Jekyll, you just have to promise to listen’ he said.
‘I promise’ Jekyll replied.

Jester stretched out beside him and began to speak. ‘You’ve already met Meowsy’ he began, ‘the brown mouse is Bob, the rat is called Snuffles and the mole is Charlotte. We have all been friends for many years. They are all members of the Rodent Resistance.’
Jekyll turned to look at the small group of assorted rodents and asked ‘What is the Rodent Resistance? I’ve never heard of it’
‘We are a group dedicated to pursue friendship with all Catkind’ Bob replied, ‘Ever since most of us can remember we have lived at war. We lived in fear of all cats. The time has come to take a stand, there are good and bad amongst us all but we are united in the fight against the evil King Rottigan, subjugator of rodents, hater of all things feline.’

The room became alive with cheers, rodent and feline. Jekyll looked worriedly at the group and asked, ‘who is this King Rottigan and what exactly is it that you expect me to do to help?’
Jeepers smiled at his worried frown and answered, ‘King Rottigan is a giant rat who rules the rodent kingdom. It is he that incites hatred toward us; it is he that rules with cruelty and terror. You are capable of great things Jekyll, more than you know. We are here to help you realise your potential and then we hope you will join us. There are a lot of cats out there that believe the rubbish that King Rottigan spouts. It is our job to put a stop to his lies and to bring peace to both our worlds.’
‘But…’ Jekyll began uneasily, ‘But I like chasing mice.’
Charlotte giggled and said ‘ Well, we all like to play! You can still chase mice, but you just need to learn to be a bit more careful. Less use of claws maybe?’
Jekyll blushed and turned to Meowsy, ‘ I’m so sorry’ he apologised, ‘I hope I didn’t hurt you, I didn’t know.’
Meowsy grinned and replied, ‘don’t worry about it, you did no harm and as Charlotte said, we all like to play now and then… Maybe next time I should chase you!’
The room erupted into gales of laughter, it was then Jekyll realised that the very forgiving Meowsy was not about to hold a grudge. He felt a smile take hold and very soon he was joining in the raucous laughter.

Jeepers stood apart from the group watching Jekyll intently, she cocked her head to one side as she began to wonder what on earth Jekyll’s special gift could be. With the others it had been plain to see, but with Jekyll she could discern nothing. She thought that Jekyll might be something of an athlete, faster and more supple than most, but she knew that there must be some other gift lurking beneath the surface. Why would St. John have sent him to them otherwise?

Jekyll turned and the smile froze on his face. He noticed that Jeepers was staring at him and he was unsure of what he was supposed to do. He tentatively smiled at her and was relieved to see her face break into a huge grin; the spell had been broken for now at least.

As Jekyll sat amongst them he wondered if now was the time to broach the subject of his special talent, not that he thought it to be very special at all. In fact, until St. John had told him so he thought it perfectly normal to be able to become invisible. He loved to slowly melt into the background until not a speck of him could be seen. It provided hours of fun when he was still with his littermates, they could all do it and games of chase and ambush were made all the more exciting by it.

Jekyll began to concentrate; he imagined that he was becoming so small and tiny that he could escape human and feline eyes. He willed himself to turn into mist and slowly vanish from sight. Gradually he could feel it working, he looked down at his front paws and saw, with delight, that they were no longer there.

Across the room Carmen turned sharply as if she knew somehow that something amazing was about to happen. She gasped as she saw all but the tips of Jekyll’s ears disappear into thin air. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

The others followed Carmen’s gaze wondering what she was looking at. They could see nothing. Slowly, one by one, they became aware that Jekyll was missing. Meowsy slowly turned around, her eyes searching for the mysterious golden kitten. He was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Meowsy realised that she was no longer standing on the leather sofa, she was floating in the air. At first she was very afraid but when Jekyll whispered softly in her ear she laughed softly and began to enjoy the ride.

Cobweb looked on, eyes wide. Never in a million years would she have believed in flying mice, but the evidence was in front of her. Meowsy hovered above the sofa, her eyes shining with delight. Cobweb shook her head in disbelief as Snuffles joined Meowsy in mid air, then all of a sudden Bob and Charlotte were airborne too.

The cats stood spellbound by the flying rodents, in all the years they had known them they had never seen any of them fly before. The missing kitten was forgotten for a moment as the cats watched the spectacle in front of them.

Carmen smiled to herself; Jekyll was certainly putting on a good show. As she watched she noticed the faint outline of the kitten shimmering in the air. Suddenly a disembodied head appeared, the other cats gasped with surprise and stared transfixed as the rest of Jekyll slowly appeared.

Within minutes he was fully visible again, standing on the sofa with a mouse and a rat on one paw and a mouse and a mole on the other. The mystery of the flying rodents had been explained.

As Jekyll stood there, rodents in paw, he wondered if the other cats would be mad at him. It was only meant to be a joke. The others stood in front of him open mouthed and silent. Jekyll hunched his shoulders and prepared himself for the inevitable telling off. He carefully set the rodents down on the sofa and braced himself.

Bandit was the first to begin clapping; soon the others joined him in a thunderous applause. Clapping is not an easy task for any cat but they clapped and cheered with gusto. A blush spread across Jekyll’s cheeks and for the first time since he had gotten lost he felt like he belonged.
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Chapter Four

After the hubbub died down Carmen insisted that the famished kitten be allowed to have something to eat before the rest of them persuaded him to perform again. She led Jekyll to the warm spacious kitchen and sat him by the fire whilst she prepared his food.

Jekyll stretched lazily, after all the excitement of the last half hour he could do with another nap. Carmen set a large bowl down before him and gently tied a napkin around his neck, ‘it wouldn’t do if you got food on your beautiful fur’ she said smiling.
Jekyll sniffed suspiciously at the food and then broke into a beaming smile.

It was his all time favourite, chicken and gravy. It was obvious from the first taste that this was homemade, the chicken was tender and the gravy was rich and meaty. Jekyll ate quickly forgetting that there were no other cats to compete with. He licked the bowl clean and flopped contentedly on to his side, tummy bulging.

When he felt able to move he made his way over to the large water fountain by the back door and drank deeply. Water flowed constantly into the stone bowl. It was fresh and cool just the way he liked it. Carmen pointed at the partially open door the other side of the kitchen and said, ‘When you need to, the litter pans are through there and just by the table you’ll find a big bowl of kibble, in case you feel like a snack.

Jekyll wondered who was preparing all the food. Surely someone had to replace the litter and tend to the fireplaces. He knew that the cats in this house were exceptional but he didn’t think that they were looking after themselves. There must be someone else in the house.

Carmen looked out at the darkening sky and motioned for Jekyll to follow her. He got to his feet and slowly lumbered after her wishing that he had not eaten quite so much. He could still taste the mouth-watering chicken and even though he was incredibly full he knew that if another bowl were put before him he wouldn’t hesitate to polish off the lot.

Soon enough Jekyll found himself back in the living room; the cats were spread out on the rug facing the door. They watched the dark opening intently. Jekyll stretched out beside Axl and stared into the darkness wondering what it was they were waiting for.

All of a sudden Jekyll heard footsteps, not dainty feline footsteps but heavy human ones. Shadows flickered on the walls around him as through the open door he could just make out a candle descending the stairs. He held his breath and waited for the owner of those heavy footsteps to enter the room. He hastily pulled off the napkin that was still around his neck and tried to hide the worry on his face.

The footsteps stopped. Jekyll could just make out the human form in the gloom. The mysterious human drew closer, Jekyll flinched at the ‘thump-thump-thump’ of the footsteps, he squeezed his eyes shut and shook with fright.

All of a sudden the footsteps stopped again and Jekyll felt a rough skinned hand stroke his head and tickle him behind his ears. Jekyll slowly opened his eyes and saw that the hand belonged to a tall, dark haired man. The man knelt next to Jekyll and whispered encouragement to him; his eyes were a glacial blue but were full of kindness. Jekyll gently head butted the man’s outstretched hand and purred loudly.

The man spoke, ‘My name is Daniel’ he began, ‘I share this house with your new friends, very glad to meet you.’
Jekyll climbed onto Daniel’s lap and replied, ‘I’m Jekyll, you don’t mind if I snuggle up here for a bit, do you?’
With a yawn Jekyll fell fast asleep.

Daniel chuckled quietly and slowly rose to his feet cradling Jekyll in his arms. He carefully moved to the sofa, sat down and then deposited Jekyll back on his lap. The small kitten stretched and then curled up again.

The other cats leapt up onto the sofa, helping Bob and the others as they did so. They all curled up next to Daniel. Daniel looked to be about 30, his dark wavy hair was medium length and seemed to have a mind of it’s own. His skin was lightly tanned and his face, although not traditionally handsome, was pleasant and kind. He was about 6ft 4 and medium build. The cat’s purring was soothing to Daniel’s aching head. It had been a very difficult day and he was glad to be sat on the sofa surrounded by all of his friends. Sometimes it seemed that the world would end but for them.

As they all sat there contented, the fire began to peter out. The once roaring flames becoming no more than a flicker. A chill began to settle over the room. Stifling a yawn Daniel waved his free hand in the air in the direction of the fireplace. The coalscuttle floated in mid air and tipped a good helping of coal onto the dying fire. With another flick of his wrist Daniel set the coal burning. The fire was roaring once more.

Daniel smiled to himself. After a day of using magic to ward off disaster the simple pleasure of lighting the fire gladdened his heart. The cats snoozed around him. He often wondered what on earth they did when he was away, sometimes he wouldn’t be home for days. He loved the fact that they could talk to him; he had yet to meet a human who talked as much sense as Carmen did. His eyes fluttered shut and he dreamt of his cats and all the secret things they might do when no one was looking. Carmen glanced at the others and winked, knowing full well that the wizard was none the wiser.
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Chapter Five

Morning arrived. The air was full of birdsong and the bright summer sun streamed through the windows. They had slept huddled up on the sofa all night. Daniel was the first to wake; he stretched into a yawn and slowly moved the various cats that had crept onto his lap in the night. He stumbled sleepily to the bathroom and stepped into the freezing cold shower.

Downstairs the cats yawned themselves awake one by one. Jeepers gently head butted Jekyll to wake him from his stupor. ‘C’mon kid’ she began, ‘breakfast will be ready soon.’
At the mere mention of food Jekyll’s eyes snapped open. He rose unsteadily to his feet and stretched out to full length. ‘Ooh, that’s better,’ he said still yawning, ‘I wonder what’s for breakfast?’

As he staggered into the kitchen Jekyll noticed Daniel standing by the old fashioned range stirring a pot. Jekyll walked up to Daniel and began to brush up against his legs purring softly. Daniel scooped some of the contents of the pot into a bowl and set it on the floor. ‘Here you go’ he said, ‘eat up.’

Jekyll consumed the salmon in fish sauce like it was going out of fashion. The wizard smiled at him and bent down to pat his head. ‘Now I’m leaving you in charge’ Daniel began, ‘I’ve put all the breakfast’s in bowls and I need you to make sure everyone gets one. There’s cheese and biscuits for Meowsy and her friends and I’ve refilled the kibble bowl.’
Jekyll nodded solemnly, he puffed out his chest and began to walk back and forth the kitchen like an armed guard. Daniel laughed quietly to himself and vanished into a cloud of mist.

The others entered the kitchen, as they walked past Jekyll he began to push their bowls towards them. The last to enter the kitchen were the rodents. Jekyll delivered their cheese and biscuits to them and politely declined when they offered him some saying, ‘I’ve already had my breakfast and I promised Daniel that I would make sure you got yours. It’s very nice that you’ve offered to share with me but you must be very hungry so you should eat up.’
The mice, rat and mole smiled at Jekyll, they were beginning to like the little kitten very much indeed.

After breakfast Carmen insisted that Jekyll take a bath. He protested that he was quite capable of washing himself but Carmen would not take no for an answer. The other cats filled the tin bath from the fountain and pushed it in front of the fire. ‘It should be warm and toasty in no time.’ Axl said.
Jekyll remained unconvinced. It wasn’t that he hated water; he actually quite liked to swim. It was just cold water that he wasn’t fond of, cold water and shampoo.

Carmen pushed the reluctant kitten towards the tin bath, Jekyll squirmed but did not resist. He climbed into the bath with trepidation. The water was warm and pleasant; Jekyll ducked his head under and blew bubbles out of his nose. Carmen squirted the shampoo on to his back and she and cobweb began to lather, warning Jekyll to keep his eyes shut tight. The shampoo smelt of lavender and marzipan, Jekyll squeezed his eyes shut and waited for Carmen and Cobweb to finish.

Eventually, when the shampoo was all swilled off Jekyll was allowed to exit the tub. He was wrapped in a large fluffy towel and deposited in front of the fire to dry off. As he sat there dripping the kitchen erupted into a flurry of activity. Dishes were washed, dried and put away and the counters wiped over by the industrious rodents.

By far the funniest sight was the way Bandit and Cobweb mopped the floor. Cobweb hopped up onto Bandit’s shoulders and balanced precariously. They wobbled around the room trying to get their balance, first lurching one way and then the other. Jeepers threw Cobweb the heavy old mop, which Cobweb then used to steady herself. The two cats were beginning to resemble an old-fashioned high wire act. Axl pushed the pail of water into the middle of the room and after teetering towards it Cobweb began to mop the floor.

The floor shone by the time Cobweb and Bandit had finished, they stood by the pail and admired their handiwork. Bandit was the first to notice that they had mopped the floor all around them and that they could not leave the spot they stood on until the floor had dried. Gales of laughter lit the room up as the other cats noticed their predicament.

Soon enough the floor, and Jekyll, were both dry. Jekyll carefully placed the now damp towel on the hearth to dry and followed the other cats into the hall. He had expected that they were all going back to the living room, but as they approached the living room door they turned and began to walk up the stairs.

Jekyll felt dread rise up inside him; he fought to stay in control. Just barely he managed to stave the panic off. As he hopped on to the first step he felt his paws sink into the dark blue stair runner. The thick pile seemed to suck at his paws, desperately trying to stop him from walking any further up the stairs. He pulled his paws free and leapt up on to the second step and then the third. With every small paw step he felt the fear grow within him. He followed the others steadily, further on and higher up into the darkness.

As Jekyll reached the top of the stairs he struggled to push all thoughts of bogeymen and monsters out of his mind. He could barely see his paws in front of him as he doggedly (cattedly?) followed the others. The column of cats in front of him turned suddenly with complete synchronicity, as if they were one cat instead of many. Higher up they went climbing a second set of stairs.

These stairs were rough and wooden. Jekyll felt the splinters scratching his paws and huddled up behind the others, afraid that some unseen spiky monster was about to leap out on him. They seemed to get higher and higher until Jekyll was sure that they couldn’t possibly be in the old house anymore. Even the air smelt different, the enclosed, musty smell from below was overcome by sweet air that smelled of honeysuckle and butterflies.

Ahead Jekyll could see a large oak door. It looked very old and very heavy. Jekyll knew without a shadow of a doubt that it would definitely take a human to open a door that size. He strained to see if there was a cat flap or similar through which they could enter the room, but the door looked solid.

They stopped in front of the heavy door. Carmen walked towards the door and turned to face the other cats. Suddenly Jekyll realised that Carmen was getting taller. Not only that but her fur seemed to be disappearing. Jekyll realised that before his very eyes Carmen was turning into a human.

He blinked in disbelief as if his eyes were somehow to blame for what he was seeing. When he opened them Carmen as he knew her was gone. In front of him stood a tall, slim young woman with silvery blond hair and beautiful golden eyes. When the girl spoke she did so with Carmen’s voice. ‘Don’t be afraid Jekyll’ she began, ‘We all have our special gifts, mine is that I can live in both worlds. Human and feline.’
She smiled at him and Jekyll thought that his heart might burst at the affection he saw in her face.

Carmen turned, unlatched the door and pushed it wide open. Light flooded the stairway. Jekyll followed the others through the door and realised that he was standing in a beautiful meadow. The grass was green and lush, the sky a brilliant blue and the air was filled with butterflies of all sizes and colours. Off in the distance Jekyll could make out a city, it was dark and dirty looking; the sky above it was choked with soot and filth. He hoped with all his heart that he would never have to go there.

To be continued.......... maybe?
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Originally posted by Jeeperscat
He wished it were raining,
WHAT????!!!!!! Is he nuts???? LOL!!!!
It's been raining for DAYS and WEEKS on end here, and we're getting really waterlogged.
BTW, cute story!
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The five troublemakers froze, for a second the room looked like someone had snapped a photograph of the pursuit, and then slowly they all gathered back around the parcel, one of them held the string in their mouth.

What a lovely description of them all opening the parcel. I could picture this so well. Love the above sentence. I have only read 2 chapters up to now. Will come back later to finish it off. Thanks for that Jeeperscat. It is very well written. See you later.
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Current United States weather map. Green = rain.....again.
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This is soooooo good. I hope I can find it again on Monday when I get back to work!
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Aww thanks guys.
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